Nova 2.0: Joe Stemmler’s Blown ’68 Street Terror

As car guys, we all had that one car that got away and we wish we could get back. Joe Stemmler had a similar situation, but was able to rebuild his Nova memories in version 2.0. Check out this blast from the past.Read More


Top 50 TV Cars Of All Time: No. 41, Jack Benny’s 1923 Maxwell

The Jack Benny Hour (1950-1965), featured Jack Benny's personal 1923 Maxwell Tourer as a stage prop that was often used with guests, and in skits. It was later joined by a 1916 model.Read More


Stance: This Super-Cool ’66 Nova Has It

There is more to Jeff Sposito's '66 Nova than just a cool stance, but that's what usually pulls people in to see more of what this car has to offer. Check out this super cruiser that is the epitome of cool.Read More


Top 50 TV Cars Of All Time: No. 42, Laverne And Shirley’s Hudson

Shirley buys a 1952 Hudson Wasp so she and Laverne can get around and experience adventure. There's just one problem: Laverne never learned to drive.Read More


Video: Tremec Transmissions Pays A Visit To Jay Leno’s Garage

When you get a chance to visit Jay Leno's Garage, you know you're going to be talking about cars, not television. Tremec's Nate Tovey was a guest and shared some important points about Tremec transmissions.Read More


Street Feature: Tracy Tucker’s White Hot 1946 Ford Club Coupe

This custom 1940 Ford business coupe is built with a small-block Chevy engine and painted with flames. It's a classic hot rod that is made to drive. It looks good, sounds good, and won't disappoint. Read More


Top 50 TV Cars Of All Time: No. 43, Mob City’s Oldsmobile 66

Vintage automobiles are as much stars as the people who drive them on TV. For this spot on the countdown, we selected a baby blue 1946 Oldsmobile 66 Special Club Coupe that appeared in episode two of Mob City.Read More


Top 9 Cars To Turn Into Hot Rods: #6 Ford Anglia

The Ford Anglia was cheap and light – not to mention practically useless beyond commuting. The racer community took notice though and soon the race tracks and dragstrips would be filled to the brim with them. Read More


GM Heritage Center Pays Respect To GM Performance In Latest Addition

In the early 1950s, GM had fallen behind Oldsmobile, Chrysler, and Plymouth on the track. That all changed in 1955 with a Chevy Sedan and small-block Chevy V8. The GM Heritage Center now has one in the collection. Read More

33 Roadster

Gone Loco: Randy Raines’ 1933 Ford Roadster

We found this rare custom hot rod built by Randy Raines. He's Gone Loco with this 1933 Ford Roadster and custom parts. See more of the details and features of this build here.Read More


Event Teaser: Ididit Car Show And Open House

October signals the end of the car show season for those living in the Great White North, and Ididit wants to send the summer out with a bang. Make plans to attend their car show and open house, you won't regret it.Read More


Car Shows: You Are More In Control Of Their Success Than You Think

We've watched some of the smaller car shows disappear, and some of the bigger ones die down to a certain death. But if you think about it, what really makes a car show successful is you, the participant.Read More


Top 50 TV Cars Of All Time: No. 44, Magic City Cadillac

Airing for the 2012-2013 season, Magic City is set in Miami Beach, Florida the late 1950s, and includes an extravagant, black 1957 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special belonging to a mob boss. Read More


Street Feature: Aaron Davidson’s ZZ Top Inspired ’55 Chevy

Aaron Davidson built this ZZ Top inspired '55 Chevy in memory of his father who bought the car in the late 1960's. With its retro styling, 383 cubic-inch stroker motor, and air conditioning, this is one unique ride.Read More


How To Turn Chevelle Tires Into Dust, And A Big-Block Into Shrapnel

Dave Gibson is an enthusiasts that enjoys his Chevelle more than most. He is usually secretive about where he leaves his signature when he's out driving, but this time, we have it on video.Read More


Breaking News: Linda Vaughn Recovering From Heart Attack

The first lady of motorsports, Linda Vaughn, has reportedly suffered a heart attack and is recovering in the hospital. Vaughn is famous for being the preeminent beauty queen of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.Read More

Chevy_Camaro_67_002_0032 MCR

Professional Tips To Help You Choose A Restoration Shop

Choosing a restoration shop can be a daunting task. To help you decide, we asked a couple of professional restoration experts how you can avoid problems when looking for someone to help you with your dream car.Read More


Schwartz Performance Debuts G-Machine Chassis For 1955-59 GM Trucks

New from Schwartz Performance – the G-Machine chassis for 1955-59 GM trucks. This product replaces the factory half-ton chassis directly, bolting right in line with the cab, bed, and bumper mounts. Check it out!Read More


Top 9 Cars To Turn Into Hot Rods: #7 Tri-Five Chevy

Number 7 on our Top 9 Cars To Turn Into Hot Rods is the Tri-Five Chevy. Extremely popular and recognizable but not always as a Hot Rod. Word semantics aside, everyone has seen, or had, a 55-57 Chevy.Read More


Top 50 TV Cars Of All Time: No. 45, Riptide’s DeSoto

A 1946 DeSoto Custom Suburban stood out in season two, episode 20. With the exception of a few other major television series, such as “Happy Days,” there were not many DeSoto’s featured on the boob tube!Read More