Meguiar’s Debuts New Perfect Clarity Headlight Restoration Kit

Meguiar's new Perfect Clarity Headlight Restoration Kit is applied in two steps to return some brightness to your ride. Do it once, and you won't have to worry about dimming or discoloration for up to one year. Read More


Video: Car Spotters Delight – Mid-Thirties Chrysler Safety Film

Hey car spotters, how many rigs can you identify? A lot of Mopar here as this old film was produced by Chrysler back in the day. Check out the footage of safety tests, Indy cars, factories and old traffic jams. Read More


Doug Whitmire’s 1931 Five-Window Chick Magnet/Wedding Chariot

Doug Whitmire bought his little red hot rod for a number of reasons, primarily, to attract the ladies, it worked. He met his bride in the car, and even left the church in it after the wedding. Ain't love grand? Read More


Rolling Work Of Art: Dick Raczuk’s 1941 Graham Hollywood

One look was all it took to know that this '41 Hollywood had the makings of greatness. Dick Raczuk, the owner and builder, took this once-forgotten coupe and turned it into a hot rod for the ages. Read More

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Artist Darrell Mayabb Tells Wordless Stories One Art Piece At A Time

Rod Authority spotlights Darrell Mayabb, an icon within automotive culture as the creative force behind PPG's highly collectible posters, to his stylistic renditions of people and places he's experienced firsthand. Read More


Lost But Not Forgotten: Classics Becoming Part Of Their Surrounding

One of our readers was driving down an old country road in Missouri and spotted some cars along the roadway. Before he knew it, there were dozens of classics slowing sinking into the ground. See the pics inside. Read More


Video: Prestige Motorsports Builds Sweet 8-Stack Injected SBF Engine

Prestige Motorsports set up this sweet stroked and injected small-block Ford with a Borla 8-Stack induction system. Solid horsepower and lots of custom touches on this bad boy. Dyno video ahead! Read More


Video: Patina’d 1948 Chevy Pick Up

Patina can be difficult to pull off. You need the right amount of paint and rust as well as all the other modifications that are common with a rustic build. Check out this video of a patina'd '48! Read More


Video: Currie Enterprises Installs 9-inch Into Tri-5 Chevy

Currie Enterprises is the go-to place for rear differentials for your hot rod. Recently, Currie uploaded a complete install video of one of their rear differentials into a Tri-5 Chevy. Every step is covered! Read More


Blevins’ Auto Flexes Their Abilities On A 1928 Hudson

Michael Elwood wanted to begin rebuilding his 1928 Hudson starting with some fab work and paint. After he saw the abilities of Blevins' Auto, the entire car got rebuilt. Body off sheetmetal work was just the start. Read More


Video: 2015 Kumeu Classic Car & Hot Rod Festival In Kemeu, NZ

The Kumeu Classic Car and Hot Rod Festival in Kumeu, New Zealand looks like a blast, if this video recap is any indication. Check out how it all went down here. Read More


Video: RK Motors 1937 Chevrolet Business Coupe

Stumbling across the web, we came across a vintage '37 Chevrolet Business Coupe that doesn't fail to disappoint. With one owner and complete full restoration, click here to check this beauty in all its glory! Read More


Race & Performance Expo Returns To St. Charles, Ill. Feb 14-15

The annual Race & Performance Expo is headed back to St. Charlies, Illinois for its eighth rendition the weekend of February 14th and 15th at the sprawling Pheasant Run Resort Read More


New Bare Bonz Wiring System From Ron Francis Wiring

If you plan on having a hot rod that just goes to the track, then the new Bare Bonz system from Ron Francis Wiring is just the ticket. With three relays and eight fused circuits, you'll be good to go in no time. Read More


Event Alert: Grand National Roadster Show, Jan. 23-25

What are you doing this weekend? Stop whatever it is, and head out to the Fairplex in Pomona to take part in the Grand National Roadster Show! Read More


Video: Hot Rod Revue Covers New Zealand’s Royals Car Club

America isn't the only place to find hot rod culture. Hot Rod Revue is setting out to expose the culture that is alive and well in New Zealand. Check out their latest video that's all about New Zealand's Royals. . Read More


Tech Tips With Currie Enterprises – Is The Ford 9″ Just A Buzzword?

Introducing a new tech tip mini series dedicated to differentials with the help of Currie Enterprises. Is the Ford 9-inch really the only way? Going to the lighter Ford 8-inch might be the sweet spot. Find out more! Read More


Whittier Area Classic Car Show Kicks Off 4th Event In February

Kicking off on Feb. 28th, Whittier Area Classic Car Show will bring in thousands of spectators for the 4th year running. Based in southern California, the weather will likely make for a great day to throw a show. Read More


Driven Racing Oil Discusses Winter Vehicle Storage Tips

Winterizing a car is a simple but necessary process. Driven Racing Oil provides some tips for keeping your car's vital organs safe and secure if you need to store it for the winter. Read More

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Zoom! Factory Five ’33 Fords Receive Ford Racing 3.5L EcoBoost Mills

How do you make a lightweight, reliable '33 Ford roadster kit car even more enjoyable to own and drive? Add a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, of course! Ford Racing and Factory Five teamed up to make the hot rod "hot" again. Read More