A Camaro Parts Hauler: The Chevrolet Caribe

The El Camino has been around since 1959, but did you know that there was a design-study car that tested that model as part of the Camaro line up? If you have never seen a Camaro with a pickup bed, look here. Read More


5 Questions With Terry Karges, Executive Director Of Petersen Museum

The Petersen Automotive Museum is set to reopen to the public on December 7, 2015. We caught up with Executive Director Terry Karges and asked about the redesign of the museum. Read more here. Read More


Video: Introducing A Crazy High Powered Dodge Rat Rod Truck

Featured at the 2015 SEMA Show, Premier Performance Products has built one fast and nasty rat rod truck. Click here to get the inside scoop on what went into this build and how much fabrication was necessary. Read More


One Crazy Twin-Engine Powered Military Rat Rod Custom

Truly a unique build, check out this custom twin-engine truck. It's big, it's powerful, and it is a complete show stopper when it hits the street. Click here to see the truck in all its entirety. Read More

Redding Met DSC_0156_01

Chuck Redding’s Masterpiece, A Magnificent Metropolitan

Chuck Redding is well known as a premier rod builder, and is noted for his unique and different builds. This very pretty Orange and white Matropolitan may just be his masterpiece. Read More


Ask The Experts: What Is A Hot Rod?

When it comes to terms that are thrown around carelessly and used very loosely, hot rod is one of the most misused. We ask the experts at Goodguys to define what a "hot rod" actually is. Find out what they said here Read More


1933 Ford “Dry Lakes” 3 Window Coupe Honors Ford’s SEMA Booth

One of the mightiest examples of a classic Ford was on display, fittingly, at Ford’s main booth during this year’s SEMA Show. Read More


Two-Lane Blacktop’s Missing ’55 Chevy

Have you ever wonder what happened to famous movie cars? If you remember the movie Two-Lane Blacktop, then you know there were three '55 Chevys. Two were accounted for, but what happened to the third car? Find out. Read More


Watson’s StreetWorks Launches GT2 Switches

New from Watson's StreetWorks – GT2 switches. They have a slim fit and finish to prevent snagging, and can be made into multi-switch panels to suit any application. Check 'em out! Read More


Warehouse Fire Destroys Several Packards

A warehouse used to store artifacts for America's Packard Museum in Harrison Township, Ohio, was devastated by fire. Read More


Russian Rat Rod Gives New Life To Old VAZ

Rat rod culture has become so prevalent that even fans in Russia are taking plain jane Soviet-era vehicles and converting them into the genuine article. Read More


Classic Car Theft: Thieves Drive Through Roll Up Door

Imagine the horror of walking into your shop, garage, or other venue for storing a car collection, only to find out that you have been robbed. Read More


Speed Considered A Factor In Deadly Classic Car Crash

Under normal circumstances the average driver does not require this level of protection, but if they opt to use the road as a racetrack then it might be worth investing in a set of 5-point harnesses. Read More


NSRA Southeast Street Rod Nationals: Classic Iron At Its Finest

The NSRA finished their 2015 season on the fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida, with the Southeast Street Rod Nationals,1300 vintage and classic vehicles were on display, nearly 100 acres of classic iron for all to enjoy Read More


The Correct Ways to Lower Your Coil Spring Front End

There's a right way and a wrong way to lower a car if it has a coil spring front end. The wrong way can seriously damage your car or you, so here is a brief guide to proper lowering techniques. Read More


Halloween Has Passed, But This Gremlin Isn’t Scary

Gremlins can be scary in October, but halloween has past. Despite the scary name, Mike Lowe's Gremlin puts a whole new face on this AMC economy car! See more on this car feature here. Read More


1932 Ford Hot Rod “Double Down” Was Built To Drive

Commissioned to be a one-off hot rod that drove as good as it looked, the all-wheel drive '32 Ford known as Double Down can be yours. It will go to auction this January at the Barrett-Jackson event in Scottsdale. Read More


Throwback Thursday: Bitten By A Black Widow Tri-Five

There are several Chevy cars that command being called collectibles: The LS6 Chevelle, any Yenko-built car, and let's not forget the Black Widow. If you've never heard of a Black Widow, read on for more information. Read More


Video: Affordable EFI Conversions For The Street And For The Track

EFI has always been an expensive conversion, whether it's a factory-style conversion or an aftermarket throttle body conversion. FiTech offers an affordable solution with kits starting under $1000 to convert to EFI. Read More


Clean And Classy With Alan Behrse’s 1929 Ford Highboy Roadster

Spotted at the 2015 L.A. Roadsters Show, we got the opportunity to see Alan Behrse's beautiful custom creation. Soaking up the warm Southern California sun, click here to check out this amazing build inside and out. Read More

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