Top 15 Hot Rods From The Movies: #10 Rain Man’s Sweet Buick

A Buick saves the day and becomes the instrument of discovery for Charlie Babbitt as he begins a journey cross-country in which he discovers what brotherly love truly means. Great plot, better car. Read More


The Corvette Online C1 Buyer’s Guide

Hey Vette fans, here's everything you wanted to know about 1953-1962 Corvettes. If you're in the market for one these classic Corvettes, it's a good thing to know what your options are, and what to look for. Read More


All American Billet Releases New Line Of Street Rod Dash Panels

All American Billet's new street rod dash panels are great looking and sure to dress up the interior of your ride, whether it's a '32-33 Fords, ’37 Chevy & GMC, or ’53 Ford. Check them out here! Read More


Video: A Beast, The Flying Millyard Is One Unique Custom Motorcycle

Truly a one-off build, Allen Millyard has created one immaculate masterpiece. Named "The Flying Millyard", click here to check out the custom motorcycle. The motorcycle is a work of meticulous craftsmanship. Read More

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Model Cars for Giants?

Small scale models are fun but imagine a life size model car for grown ups. Take a look at this life-sized 1940 Ford model kit from the 47th annual Cavalcade of Wheels in Indiana back in 2007. We want one! Read More


Video: A Brief History Lesson From The “Cam Father” Ed Iskenderian

Ever wonder how SEMA started? Look no further as we sit down with the man who helped launch it all, the Cam Father Ed Iskenderian. Click here to check out the interview and Isky's vision of the automotive scene. Read More


Video: 1961 Chevy Bel Air

It's rare to find a four door that stands out in a crowd and merits a featured video. In this situation, the Apocalypse '61 Chevy Bel Air not only deserves it, it commands it. Take a video tour of the car here. Read More


Chuck Redding’s “MonzaRod” Really Cool At Any Speed

Chuck Redding wanted to build a hot rod, but not just another typical run-of-the-mill hot rod, he wanted something different, his "MonzaRod fits that description, but leaves one question, "How cool is this thing ?" Read More

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Throwback Thursday: Let’s Check Out Some Concept Cars

The concept car has been tool used by auto manufacturers for years. They are designed and built to display the latest and greatest ideas to consumers. Let's take a look at some of the more famous Chevy concepts. Read More


Top 15 Hot Rods From The Movies: #11 Toad’s Wild Ride

American Graffiti hit car enthusiasts just right when it was released. The array of classic cars helped make this film a favorite. Our list includes the 1958 white Impala for a real hot street cruiser. Read More


QA1 Hollywood Hot Rod Series Shocks A Huge Success

After a very successful launch late in 2014, QA1's Hollywood Hot Rod Series Shocks have been hard to keep on the shelf forcing QA1 to increase production to meet an ever growing demand. Read More


Video: Teasing Next Year’s Havasu Deuces ’32 Ford Roadster Show

It may be a ways away, but we are excited to tell you about the Havasu Deuces '32 Ford Show in the hot rod capital of the world, Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Click here to see what is in store for next year's show. Read More


The Petersen Automotive Museum To Offer New Perspective This Winter

Closed for renovations last year, the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California, is set to open its doors once again this December. Check out what is new and how they are aiming for universal appeal. Read More


Otto Ryssman, Legendary Bonneville Speed Hero Passes

Legendary Bonneville racer and charter member of the 200 mph club, Otto Ryssman passes away. He packed three lifetimes of accomplishments in a brief racing career, quitting after getting drug through the courts. Read More


Top 15 Hot Rods From The Movies: #12 Cobra Mercury

Sylvester Stallone's 1986 feature film "Cobra" was a horrible movie that became a financial success due to a scene stealing 1950 Mercury Monterey. Of the four built for this movie, two still exist. Read More


Tri-Five Chevy Overload

For one weekend a year, Beech Bend Raceway becomes ground zero for all things Tri-Five Chevy. If you're into racing, car showing, and finding parts at a swap meet, you really need to check out this event. Read More


Top 15 Hot Rods From The Movies: #13 Tucker 48

The Tucker 48 makes our list because each one of the production cars was different and not like regular production cars at all. In fact, each one of the 51 Tuckers built could be treated as its own custom car. Read More

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Tuff Stuff Introduces A New Shorty Water Pump For Ford Small Blocks

Is your Ford Small Block engine susceptible to overheating? Look no further as Tuff Stuff has manufactured a new water pump that keeps everything cool and more. Click here to check out the details of their new pump. Read More

57 Chevy Gasser burnout

Video: Wild 9-Second Wheel Standing 1957 Chevy Bel Air Gasser

This 1957 Chevy went "To Hell and Back," and became a wild Bel Air gasser. With a big block engine, wheel standing 9-second passes are a regular occurrence. Check out the video for yourself. Read More


QA1 Open House: Cool Billet Parts, New Products, Secrets, And Smoke

QA1 held its annual open house and car show this past July, and this time we got to be a part of the party. There was plenty to see, and what open house/car show would be the same without a few burnouts? Read More