Project Blown Z: An In-Depth Look At The Life Of Rod Ends

Rod ends seem like a simple component with two or three piece construction. Nothing could be further from the truth. These complex components can mean a long racing life or complete destruction in a racecar. Read More


What Makes A 50’s Chevy Wagon A Nomad?

The interesting Chevrolet Nomad station wagon never got the popularity when it was originally on the market. Because of the limited number made, these wagons have become very desirable. Read More


Parked Since ’64: 1954 Corvette Barn Find

What do you do with arguably one of the last undiscovered 1954 Corvettes? Only 10 years old when it was parked, it was recently unearthed and sent to the auction block where it sold quickly. Restore or preserve? Read More

Chevy C30 mini truck

Video: Would You Drive A Cummins Powered C30 Truck?

You really should check out this video of a very cool C30 Chevy truck with a 12 valve Cummins under the hood. This custom truck speaks volumes about the owner and it is unique custom for sure. Read More

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Say “Geronimo” – Bombs Away On A New Vintage Project Truck

We picked up a new project vehicle this weekend. It's a real warrior, which is ironically what Chevrolet thought when they named this series the Apache. Tell us what you would do with this project. Read More


Video: Torn Between Two Rad, Bagged, And Blacked-Out Pickup Trucks

Both black beauties, these two pickup trucks, each given their own names grace our publication with simplicity and grace. Whether you're a Ford or Chevy fan, these two trucks have us severely torn. Check it out. Read More


Video: VP Racing Fuels Breaks Down The Evolution Of The Fuel Pump

A fuel pump serves as an essential component on an internal combustion engine. In non-gravity feed designs, a fuel pump is necessary to give proper fuel flow to an engine's components. Click here to learn more. Read More


Video: A True One-Off, Here’s A 1950 ICON Derelict Buick Roadmaster

Usually known for reimagining 4x4 vehicles, Jonathan Ward and his team at ICON in Los Angeles have also got their hands wet in kustom kulture. Click here to check out what they did to this rusty Buick. Read More


Video: A Track-Ready 1953 Buick Special With Pure Sizzling Attitude

Fully rebuilt from the ground up, this 1953 Buick Special is one unique specimen. Transplanted with a modern engine and transmission, check out this beautiful hot rod hit the autocross track and do some serious work Read More

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Tuff Stuff Performance FAQ On Master Cylinders & Brake Boosters

You've got questions and Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories has answers. Lots of them. This is one of those times that you just need to take the expert's advice and build it the right way. You need to read this! Read More


Does Your Engine Need a Single, or Dual-Plane Intake?

Are you planning an intake upgrade on your engine? Then check out the following guideline to help you choose the correct one. Read More


Heatshield Products Introduces the Lava Starter Shield

Heatshield Products new Lava Starter Shield made from crushed volcanic rock fiber protects your starter from excessive heat which extends its life and improves starter cranking performance. Check it out! Read More


The Surprising Parts We Found at Billet Specialites’ Online Store

We took a few minutes to really take a look at Billet Specialties online store webpage. We found all of the usual items that are on our wish list, but we stumbled into a section that is a gold mine. Read more here. Read More


Rod Authority Certified Babe: Amorina La Flor With A ’53 Kustom

Introducing a new Rod Authority Certified Babe–Amorina La Flor is a pin-up inspired model that enjoys life, beautiful cars, and the purr of a smooth running V8. Check out our special video feature to learn more. Read More


Video: Tremec Provides The Ultimate Set Of Tools For Your Smartphone

If we told you there was a single tool to figure out driveline angle issues, tire diameters, vehicle speed, RPMs, and gear ratios, would you want it? What if we told you that tool was free from Tremec Transmissions? Read More


Life In Palookaville, Artist Spotlight On Jeff Norwell

Check out our latest artist spotlight on Canadian artist Jeff Norwell. His move from the corporate setting to the peace and lush environment of his three acre home studio has been the birthplace for timeless art. Read More

Miller Weld Mask

Miller Releases New Sleek Auto-Darkening Welding Goggles

Miller just launched these sleek new auto-darkening goggles that may allow access to spots that would have been harder to reach with a bulky traditional welding mask. Read More

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Big Block Chevy Heads: Oval or Rectangular Port

Can't decide between oval port or rectangular port cylinder heads? Check out this basic guideline to help you make the correct decision. Read More


Hot Rods Are The Car Of Choice In A Post-Apocalyptic Future

Hot rods will be with us until the end of time. Their simple engineering and high reliability makes them perfect post-apocalyptic chariots. The recently released film, Mad Max: Fury Road, helps show us our future. Read More


Video: 1936 Stainless Steel Ford Tudor Deluxe Sedan

Lou Costable of My Car Story gets the rare opportunity to walk around an extremly rare 1936 Ford Stainless Steel Tudor Delux Sedan. The car was recently restored and is on loan to the Early Ford V8 Foundation. Read More