Here in the United States, we take pride in remembering and honoring those who have died serving our country. Memorial Day not only brings flags and flowers out, it also brings families together as they remember the fallen and spend quality time with one another.

This day off for some also means picnics, parades and our favorite- car shows. Over at RideLust, they have a gallery of photos taken at a Memorial Day car show in New York and there were some incredible cars that showed up.

While you may be partial to a certain make or model, the New York car show seemed to have something for everyone. From classic Camaros and Chevelles to new Mustangs and Z06 Corvettes, many American Muscle cars came out in celebration of the national holiday.

Many other vehicles were displayed at the show as well. For those who are into trucks, there was a ’63 Chevy C10 pickup and Rodded out old-school Ford shop truck.

Some of the unique cars that made appearances at the show were an LS7-powered Fiero with a body kit, a General Lee look-alike ’68 Charger, ’77 Pontiac Cam Am, ’85 Firebird kit car and a ’75 Bricklin.

It’s nice to see such an array of cars brought out for the car show. If you missed it, you can check out a couple dozen photos of these and other cars that were there in RideLust’s photo gallery.