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Chris Demorro   Freelancer

Christopher DeMorro is a freelance writer and journalist from Connecticut with two passions in life; writing and anything with an engine. This has led him to pursue a full time career as a freelancer with a focus on motor vehicles of all kinds.


Video: Gene Winfield, King of Kustoms

Every fan of hot rods and kustom cars should know the name of Gene Winfield. And if you don’t you’d do well to watch this brief intro to his life story from the DVD Kings of Kustom.


David Carr’s Hot Rod Collection Will Never Be Complete

Some people like hot rods. Other people love hot rods. But David Carr goes even further, having held on to his very first hot rod for 60 years while building a fleet of other cars, two of which he brought to a recent show at the 5 & Diner in Worcester, Massachusetts.


Mercury Sun Valley, America’s First Transparent Roof Car

Glass roofs are making a big comeback, though it is an old trend with its roots in the 1950′s. America’s first transparent-roof car was the ’54 Mercury Sun Valley, which used tinted Plexiglass to give drivers a wider view of the world.


Chopped And Channeled ‘46 Milk Truck Is One Odd Rod

A 1946 Divco Milk Truck might not sound like the perfect basis of a hot rod…but the end result will convince you otherwise. Outfitted with Flowmaster mufflers, this odd rod is a perfect example of how Flowmasters fit just about anything…even milk trucks.


Help Choose The 2014 Goodguys Giveaway Truck

Goodguys Rod & Custom is giving away a Chevy C10 pickup for its 2014 giveaway contest. They are getting a head start by asking us to vote on our favorite design for this giveaway project vehicle, and the choices range from mild to wild, retro to futuristic, and everything in between.


Video: Total Cost Involved Hot Rods Tear Up Autocross

Old American cars have a habit of handling corners quite poorly, but Total Cost Involved’s suspension systems for muscle cars and hot rods can turn any classic into a corner carver, as these next two videos show.


Video: 60’s Chevy Pickup An Affordable Tire Burner

Look for a cheap project with lots of classic character? Why not an early-to-mid 60′s C10 pickup? Want power you say? Well this old small-block only needs a big cam to shred its tires like a pro. Is a pickup project in your future?


eBay Find of the Day: “Diamond T” Rat Rod Wrecker

This one-of-a-kind rat rod wrecker is called the Diamond T. Besides being a badass rat rod, this eBay Find of the Day also comes with a lot of cool vintage knick-knacks like a 1920′s fire extinguisher and Budweiser cooler.


Hedman Headers Blog Offers Insight Into Exhaust

Social Networking and the Internet are integral to reaching new customers these days. Hedman Headers’ new blog is a great way to stay updated about their latest products and project updates.


eBay Find of the Day: Corvette-Powered ’59 Troy Roadster

In the 1950′s, American’s loved the look of European sports cars. Wall Troy, an Illinois Jaguar dealer, helped handcraft this sweet unique roadster, which features a Chevy small-block V8 under its hood.


Video: Miss America VIII, The Fastest Boat In 1929

It may be hard to believe, but back in 1929 the Miss America VIII sported two 1,800 horsepower Miller V16 engines as Garfield Wood hoped to bring the water speed record back to America. This brief video uncovers this unique boat’s history.


Video: Watch A Flathead Ford Belt Out 400 HP On The Dyno

The defining feature of a Flathead Ford V8 is the flat cylinder head. But Corvette godfather Zora Arkus-Duntov developed an overhead-valve conversion kit for the Flathead, which increased its performance potential by a ton. These heads are still out there, powering cars like this record-setting 400 HP hot rods.


Video: Hot Rod Racing From The 1940’s

This old video of custom hot rods ripping around the race track in the late 1940′s is a sweet reminder of just how far racing and safety technology has come. See if you can spot even a single safety belt in these open-roof race cars.


The “Plastic Plymouth”, A Chopped HEMI Hot Rod

The “Plastic Plymouth” is one of those rare, unrestored old racers that hits the perfect note of horsepower and classic good looks. It may not be a full-fledged funny, but we wouldn’t want to challenge that big HEMI engine under the hood. Would you?


Rare Kurtis 500KK Roadster Up For Sale

It is estimated that fewer than 40 Kurtis 500KK roadsters were ever built, and even fewer survive today. But is this Corvette competitor still worth almost three-quarters of a million dollars?

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