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John Gibson   One Dirt Editor

John Gibson has been around dirt track racing his entire life. In fact he was almost born at Monett Speedway in Monett Missouri. He has raced everything on dirt and asphalt from karts, to Indycars, to the 650 hp stock cars in the USAR Pro Cup where he currently races.


PRI 2011: Dynojet Owners Give Us Opinions On Dynojet’s Chassis Dynos

Deciding whether or not to invest in a chassis dyno can be a tough decision. At the 2011 PRI tradeshow we had the opportunity to speak with a variety of race shops, engine builders, and race teams and get their opinion of Dynojet chassis dynamometers. Watch the video here.


PRI 2011: Crower Cams New Low Mass Acceleration Balancing For Cranks

While walking the 2011 PRI show, we happened to stop by our friends at Crower Cams to see what they had new for 2012. Crower showed us a couple of new products, but what caught our attention was their new Low Mass Acceleration Balancing that they offer for crankshafts.


18th Annual Goodguys Southeastern Nationals Super Sunday

New for the 2011 Southeastern Nationals was the Goodguys Super Sunday Get-Together. Starting Sunday morning, the folks at Goodguys opened the gates for any American made or American powered cars, and shed the 1972 cutoff. You’ve got to see some of the rides that showed up at the Southeastern Nats.


PRI 2011: Crane Cams Line Of Optical Distributor Options

Within the motorsports industry race teams have been choosing Crane Cams optical distributors for quite sometime. But what people often forget is that Crane also has this technology available in a street/performance application.


PRI 2011: Joe Gibbs Driven’s XP9 Oil For Steel Block Engines

We’ve all been guilty of just assuming that all oil is the same, instead of really looking into what our engine requires. But what if there was an oil designed specifically for your application? All in all, Joe Gibbs Driven unveiled 12 new products designed for different applications at PRI, view all 12 here.


The Top Ten Rides From 19th Annual Goodguys Southeastern Nationals

We compiled a list (in no particular order) of the Top Ten rides from the Goodguys Southeastern Nationals. Keep in mind that the possibility that we didn’t see all 2,000 rides still exists, but these are the ones that caught our attention for obvious reasons.


Goodguys 19th Annual Southeastern Nationals Invades Charlotte

Every October Charlotte Motor Speedway is flooded by over 2,000 of the most rare and powerful hot rods one will ever see. They all converged at the speedway recently for the 19th annual Goodguys Southeastern Nationals.


SEMA 2011: Eastwood’s Elite HotCoat Powder Coating Kit

The common assumption is that you have to take a product to a powder coating shop to get a high quality powder coat applied to a product. But thanks to Eastwood, you can fulfill all your powder coating needs within your own shop for less than $200.


SEMA 2011: Fragola Performance Systems Offers New Adapter Solutions

When we stopped by our friends at Fragola Performance Systems booth at SEMA 2011 they had a variety of new adapters and products that caught our attention and can reduce the hassle that is commonly associated with plumbing a vehicle.


SEMA 2011: Classic Instruments New Red Steelie V8 Speedster Gauges

Whether you choose to go with a modern or throwback style of gauges, says a lot about what you are trying to accomplish with your ride. We were happy to see a nice throwback look available through Classic Instruments at SEMA 2011.


SEMA 2011: Milodon Offers Ton Of New Products For 2012

For more than 50 years racers have ventured to Milodon for high performance racing components. And now for 2012 they are offering a ton of new products for the average car enthusiast all the way to the die-hard racer.


SEMA 2011: MAC’s Custom Tie Downs New Engine Pivot Plate

There’s nothing more frustrating then getting an engine up in the air and just about into the engine bay, only to learn that you put the chain in the wrong hole on the engine plate. Well it seems that MAC’s Custom Tie Downs has eliminated this problem with their new engine pivot plate.


SEMA 2011: Hellwig’s New Adjustable Sway-Bar Components For A-Bodys

What if you had the ability to change just how the sway bars affected your ride? Now you can with Hellwig Products’ new adjustable front and rear sway bars for 68-72 GM A-Bodies.


SEMA 2011: Steele Rubber – Over 12,000 Authentic Rubber Products

At SEMA 2011, we were reminded just how good a stop Steele Rubber products is if you are looking for rubber products. Steele Rubber has over 12,000 products that are all licensed and all original.


SEMA 2011: Mechanix Wear M-PACT Protection Gloves

At SEMA 2011 Mechanix showed us a revamped glove that really caught our attention. The M-PACT series of gloves designed to provide extra protection in high impact scenarios.

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