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Kevin Shaw   Freelance Writer

Kevin Shaw is a self-proclaimed "muscle car purist," preferring solid-lifter camshafts and mechanical double-pumpers over computer-controlled fuel injection and force-feeding power-adders. If you like dirt-under-your-fingernails tech and real street driven content, this is your guy.


Kevin Shaw: Why Not All Stock Is Boring

While a stock ’56 Bel Air doesn’t exactly make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, I can appreciate the car for being what it is, an example of American history, and that’s why factory stock just can’t be all that bad.


Cruise Through Phoenix To Kick Off 3rd Spring Nationals Weekend

But the party doesn’t start when the gates open up on Friday morning, the weekend gets off to an early start Thursday, March 8th with the Hot Rod Cruise hosted by The Over the Hill Gang; the final stop being the popular “5 & Diner” on N 16th St in Phoenix.


Get Free Stuff By Helping QA1 Source R&D Vehicles

The suspension gurus at QA1 are looking for a few good cars to help with the development of future QA1 products. Thankfully, QA1 isn’t asking for a week or even a month, but only one single day to mock up their newest products.


Modern Retro Rods And Brad Masterson Kustoms

The small-and-simple ‘rod shop has been building cool chopped cruisers and smoothed street sleds for years now is just starting to get the press it rightfully earns. Year-after-year Mastersons cranks out some seriously superior metalwork.


Video: Wrecked Metals Shows That Good Project Cars Are Still Around

Interviewing Farm Boys Car Club member Matt Whitlock, we get a glimpse at just how easy Matt can pick up a clean driver or a potential gold mine project find with little trouble.


Moser Engineering Presenting Sponsor for Summit SuperSeries

IHRA announced recently that Moser Engineering has come aboard as the presenting sponsor for the Summit SuperSeries and Summit Team Finals sportsman programs beginning in 2012.


Celebrate Flashback Sunday at The 30th All American Get-Together

While all of you with ’83 model vehicles are more than welcome Saturday, the special “Flashback Sunday” parking area will be only on Sunday, March 25th near the Double Decker bus; and all you need to do is drive in!


Get Hip To Pace Performance’s Facebook Page, Score a Deal Or Two

Pace Performance just launched its all-new profile page on Facebook for all of you who happen to love Bowtie performance, offering cool rates on cool stuff each and every day.


Wheel Pros’ Configurator Lets You Mount New Wheels For Kicks

Finding the right wheel for your ride’s look is paramount to the car’s overall look. That’s precisely why the gearheads over at Wheel Pros conjured up this pretty in-depth wheel configurator.


Calling All Cars! Hedman Hedders Is Looking For Cars For R&D Dept.

Hedman Hedders is happily giving away free hedders to some lucky hot rodders and muscle car lovers who live in the Southern California area and who are willing to let Hedman’s R&D Department use their vehicle for test fitting and/or CARB testing.


Starting Your Kid Off Right With A Lil’ Hot Rodder Nursery

Every now and again we catch ourselves groaning, “Kids these days.” While that might make us sound like a bunch of old crusty curmudgeons, we’re reassured once and a while when we run across young men and women in the hobby like Andrew McBride.


Video: A Sad Tale Of How The Government Killed a Car Cemetery

Tucked away in a forgotten field in Kaufdorf, Switzerland once sat a junkyard holding over 500 classic cars from from the 1930s through the 1960s. Legend has it that a car dealer buying several cars for parts, couldn’t bring himself to scrap these cars.

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Video: Bad Ass 1-Through-4th Gear Burnout In a Tremec-Equipped ’55

Not all bumperless ’55s are gassers. Some are just bad ass street rods, like this red ’55 Bel Air. If you’re a fan of ridiculous burnout mayhem as we are, you’re in for a treat!


Kevin Shaw: Why I Don’t Want To Ever Buy A Smart Phone

Don’t confuse me for one of those who hate technology. I don’t necessarily hate technology, I merely fear what it’ll bring, namely people who tune their cars with iPhone software and call themselves a “car builder.”

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Kevin Shaw: Soulless Zombies And Susie The Little Blue Coupe

While there are countless talented fabricators and coach builders creating gorgeous one-off hot rods for those willing to shell out the money, I’ve never seen any soul when looking over a checkbook-built street rod. Does your car have “soul?”

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