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Kevin Shaw   Freelance Writer

Kevin Shaw is a self-proclaimed "muscle car purist," preferring solid-lifter camshafts and mechanical double-pumpers over computer-controlled fuel injection and force-feeding power-adders. If you like dirt-under-your-fingernails tech and real street driven content, this is your guy.


Babe of The Month: Bree de Encio

With the help of Mr. Rocky Nash and his brilliantly custom ’37 Ford two-door sedan and his amazingly clean ’32 Ford roadster built by Bobby Alloway for the “Shades of The Past” show, we had a great afternoon photographing this month’s model, Bree de Encio.


Hump Day Holeshot: 8-Second Nostalgia Super Stock ’62 Pontiac

Driven by Larry Quinn, this Nostalgia Super Stock ’62 Pontiac (titled “Blast From The Past”), this heavy-hitting Poncho definitely packs one heck of a punch. Quinn drove the Pontiac to a huge win with a 8.95-second pass at 147.8 miles per hour.


Video: Dennis Gage Goes For a Spin In a ’64 Chevrolet Cheetah

Back in the early days of SCCA and AMA racing, Ford decided to punch Chevrolet’s sport coupe, the Corvette square in the jewels with the 289 Cobra. Despite all the internal politics within the racing bodies, Shelby went ahead – funded by Ford, of course – and proceeded to take back the winner’s circle.

George Barris Volo

Video: Meet George Barris, The King of Customizers

There’s a really good reason why George Barris is known as the “King of the Customizers.” Apart from nearly single-handedly popularizing the craft of taking existing production cars and turning them into automotive art, he’s also created some of the most recognizable machines for television and film for 50 years.


Hump Day Holeshot: Blown 392 HEMI Rat Rod Makes 100MPH 1/8 Mile Pass

Ultimately, the weekend event is meant to be a good time centered around heads-up racing for pre-’64 rods. If you’ve got a big block Corvette or a Road Runner, you need not apply. Like the flier says, “This is drag racing for fun…if you NEED a trophy, this is NOT for you!”


Video: Bandit Films’ Rancho Deluxe; Australian For Hot Rod

Lately, we’ve been delving into the more obscure international muscle cars that came out during those heyday years of big blocks, low options and stripped down intermediate machines. Ben Thomas from Rancho Deluxe would like to show you his take on hot rods.


Cruisin’ the Temecula Rod Run 2010

Each year, the city of Temecula shuts down its Front Street Old Town district and welcomes thousands of site seers, hot rod and muscle car enthusiasts and curious residents to enjoy sunshine, music, and vendors along with the hundreds upon hundreds of examples of vintage and classic Detroit iron.