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Lauren Hargrove   Freelancer

Lauren is a freelance writer with experience working for several enthusiast publications. She has a strange fondness for black primer, and proudly refuses to paint her '65 Mustang Fastback or the '61 Lincoln Continental. Drag racing has always been a hobby of Lauren's - actually more like an addiction.


LS2 Powered ’55 Bel Air: Tri-Five Style That Goes the Extra Mile

Bob and Nancy Smith’s 1955 Chevy Bel Air combines updated looks, modern convenience, and LS2 power – all while still maintaining the distinctive style that is a Tri-Five Chevy. Check out our full feature on this awesome shoe-box Chevy inside.


Elderly Man’s ’42 Chevy Pickup Vandalized

These pieces of human garbage decided to vent their pent up aggression by cutting up the wiring on the truck, tagging it with white paint and busting some windows. After spending ten years on the truck Maurice Paradise is devastated by the destruction of his once beautiful pickup.

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Starz Sweepstakes: Want To Win A Beautiful 1958 Cadillac DeVille?

In order to help promote and hype up of the start of Magic City Starz is offering a series of giveaways designed to reflective of the show. Of course the most interesting and valuable item is the 1958 Cadillac DeVille sedan.

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Customized Continental: Air Bagged ’66 Lincoln 2-Door Convertible

This ’66 is a two-door convertible is lacking a few items that could present issues for those residing in areas with actual weather unlike Phoenix, AZ, but if you like low and slow you are in luck.


Classic Fins And Flames Inspire Prada’s Spring Collection

Retro inspired automotive designs have made there way from highway to the runways of world, fashion giant Prada released their vintage inspired collection. According to the New York Post, Prada newest footwear pay homage to vintage Cadillacs through the use of design cues reminiscent of the iconic car’s fins.


Collins Trim Shop: Presents The 2012 Cruisin’ For A Cause

Juvenile Diabetes is manageable thanks to medication and lifestyle changes, but what if one day there was a cure for this malady? Collins Trim Shop, a local southern California upholstery shop sponsors an annual cruise event to benefit Juvenile Diabetes research.


zMax Transmission Formula: Now Available At Kmart And Pepboys

Now, protecting your transmission is done easy and affordable as now all Pepboys Auto and Kmart retail locations will be selling zMax Transmission Formula transmission.


’63 Mercury Meteor With SVT Fully Independent Suspension

In the case of a 1963 Mercury Meteor build found on Pro-Touring.com, this particular car had its beginnings as a father-son project that continues to this day.


Could A ’62 Corvair Monza Make A Cool Pro-Touring Project?

Not everyone is ready to take on a basket case or a rusted out wreck fresh from a field, but finding a car with a little damage that needs a some help might be a great place to start. A pro-touring.com forum member decided to put his 1962 Chevy Corvair 900 series Monza up for sale and seems to have potential.

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Video: Ratty Caddy With A Cummins 5.9 And A 5-Speed

During an eBay auction the ratty Caddy featured a buy it now price of $13,900, which according to the guys at Jalopnik is a little more expensive than other comparable but non-diesel listings. Regardless of the lack of show quality, this flat black diesel smoke belching beast is pretty freaking cool.

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Casting Call: Rednecks VS. Tuners At Carolina MotorSports Park

Smack talk is fact of life when comes to the import versus domestic battles, but settling the smack talk with a test of driving skill seems like the right way to handle things. According to a release on the Carolina MotorSports Park site a new show is casting import aficionados to battle it out with rednecks.

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Old School Cool: Retro Inspired 1963 Buick Skylark

Classic car lovers get giddy when they see customization performed in a traditional old school style. A 1963 Buick Skylark belonging to a Car Domain member named Juan received an old school makeover complete with a few modern touches.

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Sam Foose & Chuck Calvin: Restyled ’50 Ford Tudor Sedan

Almost everyone is well aware of automotive mastermind Chip Foose, but as it turns out Chip really is a chip off the old block. Sam Foose is the father of automotive customizer and TV personality Chip Foose. Back when the senior Foose was a young man he and Chuck Calvin tricked out a 1950 Ford Tudor sedan.


Video: Rat-tastic Donuts In A 1930 Ford Model A

Would you consider buying a car based on its’ ability to perform donuts in the snow? Perhaps you would think twice about buying a car or as the case maybe, rat rod from a stunt driver behind the ancient authentically patina’ed 1930 Ford Model A?

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’55 Studebaker Commander Sells For $61,000 At Mecum Auction

There are those of us who are content to enjoy a classic car in its present state, and then there are others who would take the same car to entirely new level. The Jalopy Journal documented one father’s quest to fully restore a 1955 Studebaker Commander to auction quality.