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Sean Haggai   Chevy Hardcore Contributor

Sean Haggai

The former Associate Editor of Chevy High Performance, joins publication Chevy Hardcore, Sean is a true blue Bow Tie guy and a core do-it-yourself technician. If it doesn't run a "mouse motor" or a big rat between fenders, Sean ain't interested.


The 1963 Impala SS – Sultry or Subtle?

While the 1963 Imapala SS can bring an older generation to tears with thoughts of the old days, the ’63 model year wasn’t all that high-performance. We briefly examine the ’63 Impala SS and outline its highs, lows and everything in between.

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Revolver By Magnaflow: The Ultimate Tool For Finding Exhuast

Magnaflow created the ultimate method for showcasing nearly all of its top-notch muffler systems in one, easy-to-use revolving contraption. Better yet, it was all built in the bed of a Cherry Red 1949 3100 Series Chevrolet pickup. Check out the build and the two videos we’ve included right here.


Jim Campbell Has Possibly The Coolest Job at GM

Jim Campbell is no stranger to the performance world. As the U.S. Vice President of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports, he could, quite possibly have the coolest job at GM. TheBLOCK.com did the dirty work and interviewed Campbell about the 2013 Chevrolet race season. Check out his thoughts, right here!

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Budget-Friendly Carburetor Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a new, affordable carburetor to replace your current unit? We’ve compiled a list of what’s available in an easy-to-read format with the vital specs you’re looking for. Give it a look, here.

Speedway Motors Bolt-Together 1947-54 Chevy Pickup Chassis Components

Speedway Motors Bolt-Together ’47-54 Chevy Truck Frame

Speedway Motors, America’s oldest speed shop has an innovative new chassis with components to allow do-it-yourself rodders to assemble a complete, ’47-54 Chevy truck frame using little more than hand tools and a drill. We’ve put together all of the details, right here!


’63 C10 Farm Truck Bumps, Bounces and Drops

Scouring our favorite online forums for the latest in the industry, every once in a while, we stumble across a unique build. While this isn’t your typical pro-touring musclecar, this build still sports two doors, albeit with a bed to haul all of your favorite parts around. Check out this ’63 C10 we found!


436HP Chevy-Powered ’59 Lister Roadster Soon To Hit Auction

It’s a great time to be an enthusiast in the industry. Vehicles that were once, virtually forgotten have now been revived, rejuvenated and offer up the ability to essentially have an all-new life. Case in point, the ’59 Lister-Chevrolet, which only 16 were ever produces is going up for auction!


All In The Family – Hot Rod Ranch Gasser Roundup

This years third annual Hot Rod Ranch Gasser Roundup was mix of some of the west coast’s finest vintage gassers, nostalgic drag cars, and unique customs. We were there again this year to cover the event. Check out the video we’ve included along with the high-res gallery of all the action!


SEMA 2012: Gear Vendors Under/Over-drive Goes Old School

If you’re like most of the aftermarket industry, spooling along the fast lane at an uneasy high rpm for long distance drives can leave you wincing most of the trip, rather than enjoying it. Gear Vendors has cured that with their latest component, which allows manual 3-speeds to gain three extra gears!


SEMA 2012: Dan Woods Tours ’56 Chevy Tri-Five And Legendary ’69

Dan Woods of Chop Cut Rebuild talks about his 9th successful season as host, Reggie Jackson’s 1969 Yenko Camaro and of course, the Open Air Bel Air, built exclusively with all-new Classic Indsutries reporduciton parts and components. We’ve got both videos right here!

Clark Gable's 1955 Mercedes-Benz G

SEMA 2012: Barrett-Jackson Preps For Scottsdale Auction Event

SEMA attracts whordes of car-hungry enthusiasts every year. Without a doubt, it only makes sense to have Barrett-Jackson outfitted with their own outpost. If you’re like us, you live and breath the world of everything automotive, including the buying and selling of rare and unique vehicles.


SEMA 2012: Eaton’s Truetrac Adds 5-Pinion, 35-Spline For 9-inch

Any gearhead (pun intended), if you’re paying attention, would have realized one vital component is missing from an all-purpose muscle car: a bulletproof rearend to take all the punishment. And that’s exactly where Eaton’s Detroit TrueTrac reigns supreme. It’s the ultimate King. Now available for Ford 9-in


SEMA 2012: BORLA Goes With The Flow – New Induction Systems

BORLA set out do what you wouldn’t expect most exhaust companies to do; complete inductions systems. BORLA’s all-new induction systems feature polished finishes and powder-coating to ECU kits, fuel injectors, high-pressure fuel pumps and more. Find out more, right here.


SEMA 2012: Howards Cams Leads With Innovation And Quality

Howards cams is more than just camshafts for popular small- and big-block Chevys and Fords. We had a chance to visit the Howards Racing Cams booth at this years SEMA 2012 show. We got the scoop on their new products and found out what make them so unique. Learn more right here.

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SEMA 2012: Holley Kicks Off Hooker Header/LS Swap Expansion

Hooker increases the potential with the LS platform from classic car swaps to sport compact swaps. This includes their 240 SX and Second Gen F-body line, from headers to x-pipes to mufflers to full cat back systems.