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Chassis & Safety


Currie Enterprises’ Aluminum Street Rod 9-inch Build

We take an inside look at what goes into building one of the industry’s strongest rearends. The Currie 9-inch Street Rod rear is a legend for decade after decade, so we take a deeper look at the assembly and constru


Flaming River Steers A GMC Sprint In The Right Direction

For a daily driver, one of the most pleasant upgrades that you can make to improve the car is a steering upgrade. We completely changed the personality of our vintage GMC Sprint with a Flaming River steering setup.


Starting From The Bottom With TCI Engineering On Project Flat Out

Follow along as we detail the chassis build on our ’36 Ford 5-Window, Project Flat Out. We go inside and behind the scenes with Total Cost Involved Engineering to see exactly what’s involved.

Eaton 16

Inside Look: Eaton Proving Grounds – Tour Of Torture

It’s not everyday that you get the chance to experience a tour of OE level proving grounds and R&D, so when we had the opportunity to tour the Eaton facility we jumped on it! Check out how Eaton puts their superchar


Cure Those Suspension Woes With TCI Engineering’s ’55-59 Chevy IFS

We walk through installing the newly designed IFS from TCI Engineering for 1955-59 Chevys. TCI Engineering’s kits offer a reliable, affordable, and feature packed way to modernize your truck’s handling and performance. Update the worn out suspension, and give your old truck a new lease on life – check it out!


Video: Complete Install On TCI’s ’55-59 Chevy IFS

Transforming an ancient utility vehicle into a modern street performer is no easy task. But with a bit of skill and the right parts, your dream pick-up truck can easily become reality. Check out just how easy it is to update that outdated front suspension with TCI Engineerings custom IFS.


Street Rod Chassis Guide: TCI Engineering Ford Chassis Offerings

With extensive experience in building street rod and custom chassis, we go behind the scenes to take a closer look at the offerings and what customers can expect when ordering a TCI Engineering Ford Street Rod chassis, as well as some of the countless options available.


Video: Heidt’s PRO-G IRS for Tri-Five Chevy’s

Heidts PRO-G IRS system for Tri-Five Chevy’s offers bolt in ease, auto-cross performance, and a plush ride. They take the car out on the street and the track in this video to show how it handles.


Choosing the Right Springs and Shocks For Your Hot Rod

Over the years it’s been a common and often accepted misconception that rods and customs can only look good, but that they don’t handle and ride very well. We got together with RideTech who showed us you can have both, you just need the right knowledge paired with the right parts.