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Our Project Flat Out Saga Continues – A Marriage Of Old And New

Our ’36 Ford project is in need of a powerplant, and in the interest of keeping a Ford in a Ford, we headed straight to the Summit Racing catalog. Look inside for details on what’s to come!


GM Crate Engine Buyer’s Guide for Hot Rods & Street Rods

Crate engines from Pace Performance are built by professional engine builders with aftermarket parts from companies that are known for quality and consistency. Check out these crate options here!


TECH: Installing FAST EZ-EFI 2.0

There’s no denying the benefits of self-tuning EFI on a street car, but what about a drag racer? Follow this installation of a FAST EZ-EFI 2.0 system on a hot little Nova and check out the dyno numbers.


Camshaft 101: The History And Substance Of Camshafts

Camshaft technology has been around for centuries. This month we dive deeper into the history and substance of the camshaft and its uses in the internal combustion engine. Check it out here!


Ruff And Tuff Utility Coupe Gets Tuff Stuff Engine Accessory Upgrade

When it comes time to get the proper amperage suited for your project or daily driver – an upgraded front-drive system is the way to go. For a small budget you can replace your old and tired components and update to Tuff Stuff Performance accessories for years of trouble free use. Check out the install here!


A Look At The Most Affordable Chevy Conversion Kits From Concept One

With a budget in mind we put together the entry-level range of serpentine system offerings for Chevy’s three engine families: small-block, big-block and LS from Concept One. Check out these quality systems at prices that won’t break the bank for your next engine build project.


Behind The Scenes: We Chat With Mike Herman At H&H Flatheads

You figured out that it’s time to build the ultimate engine for your hot rod. Sou look around at other rides, and sure a 392 hemi would be great, nailheads are cool too, but if you’re serious, no I mean REALLY serious you might just go with a flathead. We caught up with Mike Herman at H&H to talk flatties.

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Budget-Friendly Carburetor Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a new, affordable carburetor to replace your current unit? We’ve compiled a list of what’s available in an easy-to-read format with the vital specs you’re looking for. Give it a look, here.


Engine Build: Blown Early Hemi Makes 670 Horsepower

Building a pump gas friendly early Hemi with a blower takes careful parts selection and the right tuning. We follow the build and dyno on this project with Borowski Racing Engines.

firepower hemi

The Ultimate Score – Are There Still Cheap “Junkyard” Engines?

Sure, the glory days of the junkyard engine are long gone since there are less classic musclecars found in junkyards these days. If your wallet is stopping you from starting the budget build that’s been sitting in your garage the last few years – here’s your chance to get back in gear!


Engine Build: 482ci Ford FE With 8 Stacks of Jewels

Here’s an all-alloy Ford FE big-block with enough bling to please any jeweler and enough streetable horsepower to push along a customized ’61 T-bird. Key to the buildup are a Shelby block, Edelbrock heads, Comp Cams valvetrain and Inglese 8-stack induction controlled with a FAST EZ-EFI system.


Offenhauser. The Greatest Racing Engine Ever Built?

Greatness can be measured many ways, but when you look at history and statistics, true greatness stands out. Is Offenhauser the greatest racing engine ever built? Check out the history and stats here, then let us know what you think.


From Skid Row to Easy Street: Edelbrock E-Street Install

The small-block Chevy has been around since 1955 and there are more add-ons and go-fast goodies for the mouse motor than any other engine on the face of the planet. Edelbrock’s E-Street top-end package for the SBC brings easy and reliable street power that delivers exactly what it advertises. Check it out!


Sweetening Up our Plumbing with Hose Candy

Rather than hide what makes an engine work, we’d prefer to embrace the chaos and turn it into something that looks and functions better than new. One way to accomplish that is with a complete race-spec plumbing makeover, but the expense of replacing every bit of rubber can be prohibitive…


Best AN Plumbing and Hose Practices With Fragola Performance Systems

We present a little plumbing knowledge and Fragola Performance System’s top ten tips every enthusiast should know about proper plumbing, focusing on techniques from the experts. Check it out here!