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Tech Video: New Street Demon Carburetor Makes Installation Simple

Removing the difficulty from adjusting a carburetor, the new Street Demon proves to be a true, ready-to-run installation. The new looks and high tech design make the carburetor look cool again.


EFI Fuel System Setup with FAST

We’ve all heard it before – there’s more than one way to skin a cat. We get with the pros at FAST to learn the pros and cons of return vs. returnless fuel systems for their new EFI 2.0 systems. Check it out here!

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Budget-Friendly Carburetor Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a new, affordable carburetor to replace your current unit? We’ve compiled a list of what’s available in an easy-to-read format with the vital specs you’re looking for. Give it a look, here.


Sweetening Up our Plumbing with Hose Candy

Rather than hide what makes an engine work, we’d prefer to embrace the chaos and turn it into something that looks and functions better than new. One way to accomplish that is with a complete race-spec plumbing makeover, but the expense of replacing every bit of rubber can be prohibitive…


Derale Helps Us Select The Right Fan For Your Car

Upgrading an older car with a modern electric cooling fan can be a confusing process if you don’t know what to look for. We sit down with Troy Wood of Derale Performance, about his insight on selecting the right fan for your musclecar, what things to consider, and his personal recommendations.


Converting to Jiffy-Tite Quick-Connect Fittings

Want to avoid the mess and clean up when dealing with fluid systems on any car? Jiffy-Tite’s quick-connect system finally makes servicing fluid lines quick and easy, check out all of the uses and advantages here.


Cleaning Up The Engine Bay With Hose Candy

Dressing up the engine bay makes the engine compartment look just as good as the outside of your car. But when it comes to hoses, in the past we were all left with very few options. Then we were treated to Hose Candy by Oomph Labs and our ugly engine bay woes are now a thing of the past!


Doubling Down a Flathead With Edelbrock’s Vintage Intake Kit

We double down on a 1948 5-window Ford Coupe with Edelbrock’s vintage manifold and dual carburetor kit. Improving the Flathead’s breathing and fuel delivery, we also found the Edelbrock vintage kit cleaned up the engine bay. Henry Ford would be proud of how our Coupe ended up, check out the results here.


Rick’s Stainless Tanks – An Inside look at Building Custom Tanks

Whether you are building a custom show car or a high-horsepower race machine – Rick’s Hot Rods and Rick’s Stainless Tanks build high-quality custom tanks to suit your needs and outfit your pride and joy with the right fuel system components to get the job done right the first time around.


Best AN Plumbing and Hose Practices With Fragola Performance Systems

We present a little plumbing knowledge and Fragola Performance System’s top ten tips every enthusiast should know about proper plumbing, focusing on techniques from the experts. Check it out here!


Fueling Demands At A Digital Pace

Controlling fuel delivery in a vehicle is not a new concept, however, Fuelab has recently introduced its most innovative electronic fuel pressure regulator in their 529 series. Devised for street-strip and drag race applications generating up to 1,800hp. Check out our complete review, right here!


Serpentine Conversion Guide Tips

Upgrading from a traditional v-belt system to a serpentine is the way of the future. It’s becoming one of the most popular upgrades. With so much to choose from, it can be a bit daunting. We speak to the experts on tips and tricks to clear the air on popular small-, big-block or LS engines serpentine kits.


Guide To Diagnosing A Damaged Radiator

Diagnosing an overheating engine usually starts with the radiator. But sometimes the problem goes much deeper than replacing a radiator though. We talk to two industry experts, check it out here.


Historic Holley Carburetor Milestones

We gathered information from books, performance industry know-it-alls, and the world wide web and we packaged it up into a great little timeline that starts with the earliest Holley carburetors starting in 1903 and still going strong with great new carburetor designs almost 110 years later in 2012.


Modern-Day Runner: Concept ONE Serpentine Install

If you’ve ever fussed with a multi-belt design in the past, then hanging the alternator, power-steering pump, and other drive accessories to your GM small-block could prove a bit challenging. We take you step-by-step and show you what’s involved when it comes to installing a Concept ONE Serpentine Kit…