For most people, Las Vegas is not known for having a large, thriving local hot rod and automotive enthusiast population. Many might think that once SEMA and the big racing events at Las Vegas Motor Speedway are concluded, not much happens in the way of celebrating the automobile and the culture that surrounds it.

And Southern Nevada isn’t widely perceived as a caring and giving community. At least it isn’t portrayed that way in the commercials.

The Las Vegas hot rodding community once again confirmed their vibrancy and generosity at the 10th Annual Goldstrom’s Classic Car Show held November 5, 2011. This charity event has become a mainstay in the region as far as participation and general popularity.

Row after row of art, engineering and passion were on display.

There are probably no greater iconic hot rods than the Ford roadster and the T-bucket. They have class in any configuration from the simplicity of the retro Flathead to the audacity of superchargers and zoomie headers on the street!

Beach Boys music was ringing in my ears when I walked up on this rare 62 Chevy Bel Air 409.

Quality and quantity of the entries were very impressive. Participation in the car show was open to any pre-1974 Classic Vehicle, Street Rod, Muscle Car, Hot Rod, Custom, Truck or Motorcycle. As a result, the diversity of entries ran the gamut of possibilities.

Despite the threat of rain, the 2011 edition drew record crowds. In fact so many spectators attend the event that free shuttle bus service was provided to remote parking areas.

Considering that this event was held in one of the city’s industrial areas and not at a resort makes the turnout all the more impressive! Spectator entry and parking were both free; which made it easier to plan and enjoy an inexpensive and exciting day of fun with the family!

This is a Cadillac model that should have been offered. Vintage BSA motorcycle in the bed added to the flavor!

57 Buick Station Wagon is now retired from family duties...almost.

The Goldstrom family produces and presents this annual celebration of automotive enthusiasm.

Courtney Harris, granddaughter of family patriarch Art Goldstrom told Rod Authority that the event came about when the family decided to find an active way to join the fight against Parkinson’s disease after Art’s mother was stricken by it. Being respected local business owners and avid hot rodders, news of the Goldstrom’s charity car show moved quickly through their circle of friends and associates.

As the event has evolved, many other local businesses and individuals began, and continue to, donate merchandise and prizes for live and silent auctions as well as raffle drawings.

Vendor booths, garage sale stalls, music and free admission to the Nostalgia Hot Rod and Memorabilia Museums owned by the Goldstrom family round out the festivities. All proceeds generated by this event are donated to the American Parkinson Disease Association of Southern Nevada.

Of course the 55 Chevy was well represented. These two were crowd favorites.

I must confess that I have a soft spot for the Chevys from the early fifties. My extended family had lots of them but they never dreamed that they could become anything like these.

This lemon creme colored beauty ran as sweet as it looked.