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RA Babe - Izzie MereyIsabelle “Izzie” Merey–The Ultimate Hot Rod Honey

Isabelle “Izzie” Merey is going places–literally. Blonde, beautiful, and bent on exploring all sides of the automotive spectrum, this stunning model may soon be coming to a town near you, as part of her new TV and web reality series “Operation: Drive By.”


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Izzie’s vision of the show is to check out classic cars, their owners, and what makes both tick. “For me, cars are a way of life,” said Izzie. “They bring people together, signify adventure, and new beginnings.”

“[…Cars] are the number one most mass-produced machines in the world, yet so many people develop an emotional connection to them. They also stand for history and art. The way I take in a car might be compared to the way an artist looks to their muse for inspiration.”

Thus far, sexy Miss Merey has been making the most of her enterprise, touring a great deal of her native region of Southern California to find and take a spin in some awesome rides. One of her most recent outings found her at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, where she mingled with hot rod and muscle car enthusiasts.


The deadly duo give us a picture worth ten thousand words on this lonely road.

So just what does this fox call her own daily driver? Why, none other than this dazzling little red ’73 Corvette. “Vanessa Darling,” as the car is called, is a stock T-Top equipped with a 454 big-block V8 and four speed manual transmission. It’s quite the head turner, too.

The two girls are practically inseparable, as you can see. And Izzie is a loving owner, documenting all the TLC she provides her Stingray from time to time on Instagram (as well as the adventures). They both made a big debut back in December, as Izzie drove during the 2013 Hollywood Christmas Parade.


Izzie gets comfortable with this glimmering '32 Ford, owned by Echo Tescler of Silver Lake in LA. With its beautiful metalwork and 450 hp Chevy V8, it's no wonder Miss Merey feels so connected with the hot rod.

Start ‘Em Early–A Love For Cars That Penetrates The Soul

IzzieFord_5Back in her childhood, it was Izzie’s dad who raised her to appreciate the mechanical things in life: “Growing up, I was always interested in the automotive industry and learning its history. My father and I used to sit together and watch [Formula One] and Grand Prix together, [dreaming] about what our dream cars were.”

Over the years, she has built up her knowledge base, and gained an abiding taste for the gestalt of a car. “My passion lies in the innermost workings of cars.”

“Everything from the exhaust to the intricate engine work, from the eruption of the orchestral sounds roaring around me as I drive. The sleek, detailed paintwork covering the sculpted body that is home to the heart and soul of the car.”

“The emotional feeling that I get when shifting gears–I love stick shift mainly–and hitting that perfect rev. All this put together marks the most iconic invention the world has ever seen and for that will always be known to man.”

A Woman of Many Talents


Outside of her modeling career, Izzie also does volunteer work for charities that include OXFAM and UNICEF.

Izzie is so obsessed with driving that she became a certified defensive driver, teaching others her useful skills. It eventually got her a position working as a test and delivery driver for a Beverly Hills exotic car import firm, before taking her to where she is today: a smokin’ hot model.

On the side, Izzie has been busy expanding her hobbies to include aviation (she’s working to get her pilot’s license), reading, hiking, and horseback riding.

She even volunteers for charities like OXFAM and UNICEF, and currently, Izzie is looking into pairing up with more children’s organizations, such as Make-A-Wish and Share for Kids. A solid ten stunner, gearhead, and an angel? Miss Merey is the ultimate combination, and then some!IMG_0660-Recovered

Izzie puts on a fine display in this moody scene, made complete by a rustic Deuce Coupe.

A budding yet avid Izzie following has sprouted into several social media outlets. Being a millenial, she of course makes frequent updates to her goings-on, posting choice pictures, and video of the latest Mustang, Bronco, or ’32 Ford that she happens to find; we’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who has a problem with that. Details on those sites can be found below.

Rod Authority Babe Bio


Name: Isabelle “Izzie” Merey
Los Angeles, California
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Hazel
Height: 5’9″
Occupation: Model/Car series host
Career goals: To expand my TV series, Operation: Drive By, and hopefully do some hosting for some of the bigger car series.
Likes: Nice people, hugs, the smell of gasoline
Dislikes: Mean people, cold weather, seafood
Hobbies: Horseback riding, beach workouts, singing jazz music, and anything that’s harmless trouble!
Favorite vacation taken so far: Road trip through the Colorado Rockies with a stopover at Arches National Park in Utah.
Dream vacation: The Maldives–to stay in one of those floating beach huts built over the turquoise seawater.
Typical weekend: Gym, hanging out with friends, cruising to one of the many car shows to say hi to friends and meet new people who are into the car scene. SoCal is amazing for its year-round car season! 
One thing you can’t live without: My chapstick. Hey, the atmosphere is always painfully dry where I live.
Describe yourself in 3 words: Girly, driven, fearless
Dream car: 
A red 1964 Pontiac GTO ragtop–all original of course.
What you want out 0f life (in ten words or less): 
To live happy and to keep everything in moderation. 

We wish this classic-crazed babe the best of luck as she travels the country in search of her next big-engined thrill. Stay updated on Miss Merey’s journey through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, and YouTube.

Be sure to check out Rod Authority’s gallery of Izzie Merey and a video interview of her and Echo Tescler, owner of the Deuce Coupe, below!

IzzieRatRod_4 )

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