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The rise of the Internet, along with the mass-consumption of high-resolution digital cameras, has led to something of a photography Renaissance. Every corner of the web is inundated with images, from the artsy to the awful, which has thankfully made access to professional-grade photography a lot easier and more affordable for the average guy. These days, a professional photoshoot for car fans has become a great anniversary, or birthday present, which is how we came across these photographs of a hot red head and a red hot rod.

"One day I hope to be an RN with a degree in psychology as well."

After publishing that story the car’s owner, Chaz Edwards, reached out to say that hey, there are a lot more photographs of the hot rod and hot red head if you’re interested. And we were!

So it was that last year Chaz Edwards found himself celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, Chaz’s wife Debra suggested a professional photoshoot for Chaz’s 1930 Ford Model A-based hot rod and 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner, her personal favorite.

Even better, Chaz could pick a model to pose alongside the car. What a wife, huh?

It didn’t take long to find a photographer they liked in Pete Springer, but finding a model was a tougher challenge. “I couldn’t find a girl with the right look,” explains Chaz. “That was when I suggested my wife’s friend, Deandra.”

Deandra was only too happy to oblige, jumping at the opportunity to pose with an old hot rod, and Chaz’s 1968 Roadrunner as well.

DeAndra may not be a professional model, but she sure looks the part.

About those cars. The ‘68 Road Runner Chaz had bought as a project, only to find out it was more rust and bondo than actual car. “But I took my wife (before she was his wife) on a ride in it, and she was attached, meaning I couldn’t get rid of it.” Again, what a wife!

But such perks come with limitations, and in the interest of keeping their yard clean, Chaz’s wife limited him to just two “toy” cars. With the Roadrunner not going anywhere, Chaz had room for just one other project.

“I’ve always wanted a Model A, to do it my way,” Chaz explains. And his way included a 460 Lincoln big-block topped by aluminum Cobra jet cylinder heads backed by a C6 automatic transmissions. That’s a lot of motor for a little car. Of the ride, Chaz will only say that it is “viciously fast.”

Of course it isn’t a real hot rod unless you start hacking bits off of the body, and Chaz did just that, chopping the roof a very-low 8-inches. The grille shell comes from a ‘32 Ford, while the tail lights are “borrowed” from a ‘59 Cadillac. On the inside is a sectioned ‘53 Mercury dashboard with a ‘49 Packard steering wheel. So in the sense of borrowing a little bit from a lot of different cars, Chaz certainly hit the mark.

This '68 Roadrunner was a wreck when Chaz bought it...but it sure cleans up nice.

And what about the mostly-Bondo Roadrunner? Well since Chaz’s wife wouldn’t let him sell it, he was stuck fixing a slew of previous repairs, like ‘69 rear-quarters welded to his ‘68 Roadrunner. “The way they fixed it, the door jamb was an inch or more of all Bondo,” says Chaz. Eventually though, he got the Roadrunner all sorted out, and upgraded with a 400 cubic-inch Chrysler motor bored out to 470 cubic-inches. Backing that is an upgraded 4-speed manual transmission that can hold all the torque of this monster motor.

Both cars, built by Chaz himself, are worthy of a great photoshoot. But finding a model was hard, so when Chaz turned to family-friend Deandra, he didn’t know what to expect. “But she was enthusiastic about it,” Chaz explains, and as you can tell from the photos, she is obviously a natural. We asked Deandra to tell us a little bit more about herself.

"I like when I am successful with new things."

Name: DeAndra Lee Newman

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Hair/Eye color: Red hair, Blue eyes.

Height: 5’5″

Measurements: Hips 32 Waist 26 Bust 32

Occupation: Account Manager at Discover Card also have CNA licence.

Carreer Goals: One day I hope to be an RN with a degree in psychology as well. I would love to end up working in a rehab with recovering drug addicts and troubled youth. I am close to having my pre reqs for nursing school done along with my associates in Psychology. Financial issues are stalling me..but I am determined to get back one day hopefully sooner than later.

Dislikes: I dislike when people do not at least try to carry their own weight and when they take advantage of others and make excuses for why they cannot provide for themselves. Also having to ask for help is something I dislike.. Luckily I have an amazing family that is very supportive and helpful.

Likes: I like when I am successful with new things I try to accomplish in my life and making my family proud.

Hobbies: Writing, and singing..I have never done anything musically past choir in middle school but singing is my closet passion. I feel like 99% of the time when I’m alone, if I’m not sleeping I am singing. I would love to be able to actually perform for an audience.

Old school and older school; both look good with a hot babe beside them.

Favorite vacation spot: Vacations have never been a big part of my life unfortunately but visiting Deb and Chaz in Portland OR and road trips to Mesquite NV with my mom are vacations that I never like to pass up.

"It really takes a lot to embarrass me."

Favorite food: Baked Potatoes!! Loaded with butter, sour cream, cheese, and most importantly JALEPENOS!!!!

Typical weekend: Wow… embarrassing! I used to be quite the social butterfly, lately though my weekends are spent catching up on trash TV and seeing how long I can stay in bed. 😉 Most of my friends are married now and working on their families, I work most Saturdays too so thats how I justify my lazy weekends.

One thing you could not live without: My family! but if we are talking material possessions I’ll by typical and go with my phone.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Fiesty, Loyal, Unique

Background:I am the youngest of 2, I have one older brother who is 2 1/2 years older than me. I could be a professional mover with how often I have done it. I spent my sophomore year of high school in VA where I met some of the most amazing people I’ve ever come across. I graduated early from Bingham high school. My parents are my best friends, and people often tell me I am nothing at all like people would assume before getting to know me… whatever that means 🙂

Current Car/Dream Car: 01′ Ford Focus…..It’s a nightmare of a car. For those who have heard the obvious nickname associated with the car which is a not so clever play on the word “focus” are actually right on! My dream car would be a 67′ RS SS Camero…maybe Chaz can make that his next project. Good idea right? lol

Give Us One Embarrassing Secret: I always struggle with this question.. It really takes a lot to embarrass me. I guess I find myself feeling embarrassed anytime that I have to talk in front of a group…even just having to say my name, and give one simple fact about myself in front of a small group is hard for me. I did take a public speaking class at SLCC a few years ago and I had a fantastic teacher and he helped my fears quite a bit.

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