One Distinguished Hot Rod Beauty–Ms. Sarah Allison

BOTM - Sarah AllisonBeautiful women are everywhere and there’s certainly no shortage of them at car shows and events posing in front of classic rides. But if you’re looking for a gorgeous gal who actually knows something about the industry, you have to look a bit harder. Luckily, we found just that in this month’s babe of the month-Ms. Sarah Allison aka Velvet Ivy. Check her out below!


Fairly new to pinup modeling, Sarah makes the classic and elegant art form look effortless with distinct cat-eye makeup, retro hairstyle, and knee length dress.

Refined and classy, Sarah Allison is the epitome of a classic pinup girl with gorgeous blonde hair, piercing green eyes, and a down-to-earth attitude that all draw plenty of attention. But with a science-based health care career and her husband of eight years fully immersed in the hot rod and custom motorcycle industries, Sarah is much more than just a pretty face.

As a hot rodder’s wife, and one that’s not afraid to get her hands dirty at that, Sarah knows her way around the garage and is even learning how to TIG weld at the hands of her dedicated spouse. If that isn’t enough to impress, well, that fine 1949 Chevy Deluxe she’s posing with is actually her own.

Born in Laramie, Wyoming, Sarah now resides along the Front Range of Colorado with her husband and one year old son, who is already turning out to be quite the little hot rodder himself already.

That’s right ladies and gents–this gorgeous lady is one heck of a mom and wife and still manages to find time to dedicate to her passions and goals in life!


Looking this good seems to come effortlessly for Sarah, but she tells us she keeps her toned physique by working out multiple times a week and chasing her energetic one year old around on a daily basis.

While enjoying the hot rod life and spending time with her family are top priorities, Sarah is also extremely dedicated to her career as a nutritional consultant at Standard Process West, a company specializing in high-quality dietary supplements, and is currently going to school for her Food Sciences degree at Colorado State University.


Gorgeous in every aspect, Sarah is also a hot rod enthusiast and knows exactly what kind of rides she models with–that’s more than a lot of pretty faces in the industry can say!

When she’s not working, going to school, or attending a local car show, where she often competes in pinup contests, you’ll most likely find Sarah making memories with her family by partaking in activities like hiking, camping, rock climbing, working out, and gardening in an organic and non-genetically modified way.

After all, you’ve got to stay active and eat healthy to look this great!

Like we said, Sarah is pictured here in front of her own ’49 Chevy, which features an inline-six engine backed by a manual transmission controlled by three on the tree. What’s her favorite part of the car? Well, she tells us that she likes the body style and factory body lines the best. Not surprisingly, it’s the art of metal forming and fabrication that Sarah enjoys most about the automotive industry.

feature_10While her ’49 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, although it may get some modifications this winter, Sarah hopes to one day have an iconic ’32 roadster in the garage.

“I like their old school racing history, body style, [and] simplicity,” Sarah told us of the ’32. “They just look gangster!”

How’s that for true hot-rod minded enthusiasm?

Sarah is truly the full package and we can’t help but feel blessed for knowing her. Check out more about Sarah in her bio below and more photos of her and her gorgeous ’49 Chevy after the break!


Sarah certainly looks fantastic posing with her classic Chevy, but there’s nothing more appealing than a gorgeous gal behind the wheel of her own hot rod!


Every hot rod gal needs a bit of ink and Sarah’s tattoos are true works of art!

Babe of the Month Bio

Name: Sarah Allison aka Velvet Ivy

Hometown: Laramie, Wyoming

Hair/Eyes: Blonde hair/ green eyes

Height: 5′ 6″

Occupation: Nutritional Consultant

Career goals: Currently, I’m finishing my Food Science degree (Dietetics) at CSU. I hope to continue working with Standard Process West as a registered dietitian and nutritional consultant.

Likes: Car shows, life as a hot rodders wife, and TIG welding (my husband is teaching me)

Dislikes: Laziness and know-it-alls

Hobbies: Rock climbing, hiking, working out, running, and gardening (non-GMO, organic gardening)


With piercing green eyes, a smile that can light up any room, and a heart of gold, Sarah is one stunning lady both inside and out!

Favorite vacation taken so far: Climbing the Grand Teton in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Dream vacation: Italy!!

Typical weekend: If my husband, one year old son, and I aren’t at a car show then we’re camping, hiking, or gardening

One thing you can’t live without: COFFEE! Since I roast my own coffee beans, I think I could be considered a coffee snob.

Describe yourself in three words: Loving, motivated, and loyal

Current Car: ’49 Chevy Deluxe

Dream Car: ’32 Roadster

What do you love most about the car scene: The art of metal shaping and fabrication!!

What do you want out of life: To live each day to the fullest, improving the lives of those around me, and cherishing the family God has blessed me with.

Where do you see yourself in five years; what about in 10 years: Improving the health and lives of others as a Registered Dietitian, adventuring with my family, traveling, and encouraging my husband in his career as a TALENTED hot rod builder and fabricator.

Check out more photos from our shoot with Ms. Sarah Allison after the jump!


We enjoy seeing Sarah’s ’49 Chevy from every angle, but we can’t help but LOVE seeing it drive away!

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