One Gearhead-Minded Gal & One Bad Little Ford Model A Woody

111We’ve featured a lot of great ladies here on Rod Authority as part of the Babe of the Month series, but this time around, we decided to take it one step further and once again feature one great looking gal that’s also very passionate about the industry. After all, she not only grew up around hot rods and cool street cars, including the one she posed for us with, but she also graduated from WyoTech and has continued to be a part of the industry she loves so much.

example_2A Closer Look Into The Life Of Krisha Rose

Krishanda Rose, known as Krisha among friends and family, grew up in Berthoud, Colorado with a leg into the industry from the day she was born. Among her most influential figures in this aspect was her grandfather, Dale Rose, who is the proud owner of the ’29 Model A Woody you see in the feature photos here. With a ride like that in the family and a grandfather more than willing to share his automotive passion with her, it’s no wonder Krisha grew up to be one proud hot rod enthusiast!

Currently going to school to become a registered dietitian, particularly to help children lead healthier lives, Krisha is one busy lady. She juggles her school work, taking care of her two cats and two pit bulls, and living life to the fullest.

If she’s not at school, home, or a variety of car shows, you’ll likely find Krisha hiking, working out, snowboarding in the colder months, or in the garage working on a project. Among her favorite things to do in the garage are metal fabrication and laying down a sick paint job!

So what’s she got in the garage? Well, for now, she’s driving a 2008 Nissan Altima SE Coupe but plans for building another fourth-generation F-body are in the works. But there’s more than just a modern F-body in this girl’s dream garage.

feature_10“It takes a lot to impress me these days,” Krisha told us. “I am a huge F-body fan; I absolutely love Camaros and would kill to get my hands on a ’69 Z28, but when I think about a car I would truly dream of having, it would be the very car I’m pictured with. It’s my Grandfather’s gem and to me, it’s one of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s because of my grandfather and this car that I grew to love everything automotive. They fueled my decision to attend WyoTech to study Street Rod and Custom Fabrication.”

A true down-to-Earth hot rod enthusiast, Krisha may now be pursuing a career path that is far from the automotive scene, but no matter what she ends up doing in life, there are two things that will always be assured: she’ll always have a passion for vehicles and a wonderful relationship with the grandfather that got her interested in and continues to support her passions!


feature_31The Car

Equal to Krisha’s beauty is that of the gorgeous ’29 Ford Model A Woody she posed with. Built and owned by Dale Rose, this Woody is what brings this passion-filled feature full circle.

feature_29Dale’s love for the automotive scene goes back to his teenage years when his brother would take him to car shows and drag races. Hooked from the start, Dale has restored a number of classic cars, including a ’67 Chevy Impala, ’59 Chevy pickup, and a ’72 Nova, but no build has made him more proud than that of his ’29 Woody.

Started in the early 90s, it took Dale 10 years working nights and weekends to complete his creation. But since 2001 when the car made its debut, dozens of awards have been bestowed on the white hot rod, proving that the time and effort spent in the garage were well worth it. Some of Dale’s favorite awards his car has won over the years include the Outstanding Workmanship Award from the 2002 and 2003 Colorado Super Chevy Shows, the Street Scene Pick from the 2008 Street Rod Nationals in Pueblo, Colorado, the Best Street Rod Award at the WyoTech Alcohol Awareness Day Car Show, and the Best Street Wagon Award at the “Crème de la Chrome” Rocky Mountain Auto Show.

These awards are certainly justified as Dale has created a masterpiece from bartered parts and just $1,200 of wood.

feature_30Motivated by his love for the hobby and his want of a Model A Woody, Dale started his project off with a Model A frame he had traded for along the way, to which he eventually added custom cross members. Then came the suspension: a stock Mustang II frontend and suspension up front along with a 1982 Camaro rearend with a 4-bar suspension system in the rear.

feature_40Air springs in the rear of the Model A make for a nicer ride quality while Mustang II rack and pinion steering aid with accurate control of the vehicle. Meanwhile, four-wheel disc brakes handle all of the rod’s slowing and stopping needs.

Planting the car to the ground are 15-inch Crager Drag Star wheels wrapped in 165/80R15 shoes in the front and 255/75R15s in the rear.

Powering the Woody is a 350ci with a four-bolt main out of a 1982 Chevy pickup truck. Amping up the motor’s performance is a mild low-end camshaft, small chamber 327 heads, an aluminum intake, QuadraJet carburetor and a GM HEI ignition. Backing the engine is a GM 350 transmission tied to a shortened GM driveshaft that pushes much of the mill’s power to the pavement.

feature_35Though Dale admits the powerplant only makes a “disappointing” 168 horsepower to the rear wheels and 220 pound-feet of torque, it’s enough to get this hot rod moving.

feature_37Regarding the aesthetics of the hot rod, this Woody is one unique vehicle. Practically everything on the two-door body is handmade with Dale putting in the work himself to create all the gorgeous lines and wood panels that make this Woody what it is. Topping the Model A off is a beautiful coat of PPG Wimbleton White paint, laid by A-1 Body and Frame of Loveland, Colorado.

Inside, the interior continues with the clean, sleek look with a stock Model A dash up front, finished in the same color as the exterior and fitted with VDO gauges, framed out by a small modified Model A gauge cluster.

Seating inside the Model A’s cab comes in the form of seats from a 1986 Plymouth van that were recovered by Johnstown Upholstery. The finishing touch to the whole thing is a custom white fabric top.

As top-notch as this Woody is now, it’s currently undergoing a bit of a revamp, which Dale tells us will completely change the look of the car. We can’t wait to see what Dale has come up with for his hot rod’s rejuvenation project this coming show season!


feature_15Model Bio

feature_6Name: Krishanda Rose

Hometown: Berthoud, Colorado

Hair/Eyes: Brown/Green

Height: 5’7”

Occupation: Nutrition student

Career Goals: To become a registered dietitian and help children lead healthy lives.

Likes: My two pit bulls, Harley and Dixie and my cats Ashlee and Kitty.

Dislikes: Ignorance and hatred

Hobbies: Hiking, lifting, snowboarding, painting, metal fabrication

Favorite Vacation Taken So Far: My trip to Canada

Dream Vacation: I would love to visit Italy

Typical weekend: Typical? Not me! I do lots of stuff! I garden, hike, snowboard etc. I’m always trying to find things to keep me busy!

feature_20One Thing You Can’t Live Without: Love

Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Caring, Passionate, Dedicated

Current Car: 2008 Nissan Altima SE Coupe

Dream Car: Seriously the toughest question on this questionnaire! It takes a lot to impress me these days! I am a huge F-body fan; I absolutely love Camaros and would kill to get my hands on a 69’ Z28, but when I think about a car I would truly dream of having it would have to be the very car I’m pictured with! Its my Grandfather’s gem and to me it’s one of the most beautiful cars I’ve laid eyes on. It’s because of my Grandfather and this car that I grew to love everything automotive and they fueled my decision to attend WyoTech to study Street Rod and Custom Fabrication!

What do you love most about the car scene: The passion that people put into their vehicles. The blood, sweat, and tears it takes to create something unique and beautiful or with kick ass performance.

feature_18What You Want Out Of Life (In Ten Words or Less): Happiness! One word seriously says it all!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years; 10 years: In five years I see myself finished with school and able to work in a field I am passionate about and truly make a difference in peoples lives. In 10 years, I see myself starting a family and sharing my love for hot rods with them.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you: If there was one thing I would want readers to know it wouldn’t be about me, but instead about themselves. Young or old make time for your dreams and go after them because you are capable of anything you put your mind to!

Check out more photos from our shoot with Krisha and her grandfather’s ’29 Model A Woody in the Rod Authority Photo Gallery below!


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