Our Babe Of The Month: International Pinup Model Rina Bambina

Happy Holidays! As we draw close to ringing in the New Year we bring you our final Babe of the Month for 2017. The lovely Rina Bambina is our first international pinup model, and she resides in Germany. Rina spent the last two months visiting the US with most of her time in California. We had plenty of sunshine for her to enjoy while site seeing as well as amazing sunsets for photo shoots. Rina was able to enjoy a day out at El Mirage with me for their final race meet in November, as well as the all new TailgateTruck Show at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo. Before heading home Rina attended the final Mooneyes Xmas Party at the Irwindale Speedway. She has returned home to Germany just in time to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends.

I truly enjoyed the time with Rina during her stay in the US as she is a very professional model and is a real go-getter. Did I mention she likes to drink beer? We will have more adventures with Rina as she returns to the US again next year about the same time. Look out for her to be featured in several hot rod magazines as well as my 2019 Pinup Calendar due out in late 2018. Enjoy this, her first US interview here in the meantime, and let us wish you a Happy New Year!

Name? My name is Katharina – you may know me by my artist name Rina Bambina. “Rina” is how my grandmother calls me and “Bambina”… well, it rhymes.

Sign? I’m a June-child and my zodiac sign is Cancer.

Hometown? I grew up in a German village called Quierschied (don’t even try to pronounce that name, haha!).

Current residence? I currently live in Saarbruecken, the capital city of the Saarland, which is a small and idyllic state in the southwest of Germany. But I have to say that I feel at home in many places of the world, because I love to travel.

Hair color? My natural hair color is brown, but I am a redhead by choice for the last five years.

Eye color? My eyes are hazelnut brown.

Ethnicity? I am a European girl.

Occupation? I work as a psychologist and PhD student in the field of Neuroscience.

When did you first start modeling? I found my passion posing for photographs about six years ago.

What do you enjoy most about modeling? I take every opportunity to work with artists from all over the world (for example France, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, US or China). I love sharing and implementing creative ideas with like-minded people and it fills me with happiness to bring someone’s visions to life.

What did you do during your 2 month stay in California? Besides working on my dissertation, I went on many adventures with my friends. I had the chance to do great photo shootings, I visited Las Vegas (twice!) and Disneyland, I attended my first Land Speed Racing in the desert and I danced through the nights at many concerts.

Tell us about some of your photo shoots: I won’t forget my photo shooting at sunrise with Mitzi Valenzuela. We had the chance to shoot a marvelous 1960s Oldsmobile in bright orange, which made my eyes sparkle in the early morning sun. My dream of a “Space Babe” photo shoot came true when Chris Gomez took me to the desert where I posed in a golden bathing suit with a Steampunk inspired gun. During my last week in Los Angeles, I had a merry photo shoot at Alpine Village with Heidi Calvert Photography. Besides taking photos, we bought German beer, ate Pretzels and sang folk songs. It felt like home.

Where can we see some of your photos? I share my work and my daily adventures on social media (you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram) and my website, www.rina-bambina.com. If you want to pin me on your wall, you may purchase signed prints. Moreover, I look forward to see some of my photos I shot in Los Angeles published in international Magazines.

What was your initial purpose for coming to California? I explored California for the first time three years ago during a road trip after my graduation. I fell in love with the sunny state and its residents and I wanted to return ever since.

When do you plan to come back? I want to come back as soon as possible! I hope to make it to Viva Las Vegas 2018 at the latest.

What did you miss about home? Besides my friends and family back home, I deeply missed good German Brezeln (Pretzels).

What do you have back home that we don’t have in the US? My hometown is located in the center – some people even call it “the heart” of Europe. That’s why many events in my area resemble an international get-together. I love communicating in different languages and learn about people, music and classic cars from all across Europe.

What is your favorite thing to do in California? I enjoy hiking in the national forests and parks. I remember climbing rocks in Yosemite or taking photographs in Joshua Tree Park. Hiking in California opens up a whole new world that I like to discover. When surrounded by nature, I can get my head free and relax from the stress of everyday life. I also like visiting the many, many car shows all over the state. It was great to see old friends and to make new ones in the setting of roaring engines, pretty Pin-Up Girls and Rock’n’Roll music.

What’s your favorite food? Tough question! I’m a food lover who loves to cook and to eat. I am a vegan for three years and I have to say that LA is the paradise when it comes to vegan cuisine. I probably never had as much Pizza within two months as I did in LA. On the other hand, there is no such thing as “too much Pizza”!

What do you like to do on your free time? In my free time, I like to meet with my friends for dinner, movies or dancing. I’m also very grateful for live music, a thrilling book and doing road trips through Europe on the weekends. I’m a globetrotter after all!

Favorite drink? As a German girl, I savor a good beer, especially when it comes with a sweet flavor. My friend Mitzi introduced me to Redd’s Wicked Strawberry, one of my new favorite drinks. Can someone please send me a six-pack to Germany?

Do you have a favorite bar or night club to visit? My friends took me to Clifton’s Republic in Downtown LA and I was intrigued by the elegant parlor, the cool Tiki Bar and the cafeteria that looks like a museum. I especially appreciated the live music, as Clifton’s provides a stage for musicians of various genres.

What is your favorite classic car? Although I’m a big fan of the imposing cars of the 1950s, such as a ‘57 Chevy or a ’59 Caddy, I always wanted to own a classic VW Kaefer (Beetle). It’s the perfect car to cruise through the countryside and the cities of Europe – and hey, you’ll always find a parking spot.

What has been your most memorable shoot with a car? I remember doing an analogue photo shooing in Luxembourg with a 1936 Armstrong Siddeley (aka Primrose). My friend and owner Tom Klein toured with his Primrose through Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland and I felt honored to grace (and drive) this beautiful car.

What are your plans for the holidays? I will spend the Holidays with my family in my hometown. There will be a lot of food and board games involved. For New Year’s, I will visit the Let’s Get Wild and Stuttgart, where I will meet many friends that I missed so much during the last months. At this point, I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a great start into the New Year!

What’s it like back home in December? It’s freezing cold! However, I appreciate the crisp air and the snow during winter in Germany. It’s easier to get into the Holiday Mood when cuddling up with friends and drinking hot wine at the Christmas Market.

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Mitzi is a Southern California gal who loves shooting classic cars with pinup girls. You may have seen some of her work featured in a number of publications or in the pinup calendar she produces every year that is sold worldwide. She loves traveling to different car shows around the world and have been fortunate to visit places like Japan and Australia.
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