Our Babe Of The Month: Playboy Playmate Tiffany Toth

November is finally here, and we can hardly believe that the 2017 year is almost over. Mitzi & Company has just wrapped up their latest calendar project, and photographer Mitzi, is excited to present the new 2018 Pinup Calendar cover model, Miss, Tiffany Toth. Tiffany is featured with Ed Roth’s 1956 Ford F100 that was recently restored by Dave Shuten of Galpin Speed Shop. The calendar features 12 beautiful pinups along with 12 of Mitzi’s favorite custom and classic hot rods. Rod Authority is the place where you can get to know each of Mitzi’s calendar girls as we feature them as our “Babe of the Month.”

Tiffany with Ed Roth’s Shuten restored Ford F100 pickup.

I’m usually in charge of the desserts for holiday parties. – Tiffany

This month’s cover model, Tiffany Toth, is a true professional with a great sense of humor and easy going personality. Tiffany has been modeling professionally since 2005, and was a featured  Playboy Playmate in September 2011.

Playboy helped launch her modeling career and opened up a number of job opportunities. Most of Tiffany’s modeling jobs involve catalog work or editorial shoots for various swimwear companies.

She travels often, for both work and fun, and her most recent trip was overseas to the islands of Bali with her girlfriends. Tiffany has been featured on the cover of Hot Rod Deluxe magazine, and is currently on the cover of the new Classic and Kustom Bombs magazine that is due out next month. She has always had a soft spot for classic cars, and she attributes that to growing up with a dad who owned a few classic cars. That made spending time in the garage a lot more fun.

For our cover shoot, we spent the day over at the Galpin Auto Collection in Van Nuys, California. After shooting with the Ed Roth Truck for the cover, we decided to have some fun with the newly restored Pink Panther limo. To wrap up our feature here, Mitzi has included additional photos from her latest cover shoot for Classic and Kustom Bombs magazine.

Our end of summer photo shoot in San Pedro, included two classic woodies owned by Lou Roupoli of the Legends Car Club. One was a 1939 Chevy Master Deluxe, and the other, a 1940 Chevy Special Deluxe. Mitzi’s 2018 calendars can be ordered at www.mitziandco.com

Rod Authority: What’s your sign?

Tiffany Toth: I’m an Aries.

RA: What is your hometown?

TT: Orange County, Calfornia

RA: Where is your current residence?

TT: Orange County, California

RA: What is your hair color?

TT: I’m a blonde

RA: And your eye color?

TT: Blue.

RA: What is your ethnicity?

TT: French, Irish, Hungarian.

RA: What’s your favorite aspect about modeling?

TT: Meeting new people and traveling.

RA: What’s your least favorite?

TT: Going to auditions.

RA: Where are some of your favorite places to shoot?

TT: Anywhere outdoors! – just not when it’s cold.

RA: What’s your favorite Playboy memory?

TT: Traveling to New Zealand was one of my favorite memories. Also, every Sunday, all of us girls would hangout by pool at the mansion. I loved those days!

RA: What are some new projects you are working on?

TT: I’ve actually been doing a lot of behind the camera work lately. I’ve always been a creative person, so anything behind the camera is so much fun for me.

RA: What is your favorite classic car?

TT: ‘70 Chevelle SS

RA: You mentioned your dad is into classic cars, can you share with us what type of cars your dad owns at the moment?

TT: He has a 1931 Ford coupe street rod. He has some other cars that aren’t classics, like his 92 Dodge Viper that Alan Jackson had previously owned.

RA: What’s your earliest memory with your dad and his cars?

TT: Oh gosh, I remember as a little kid, being out in the garage while he would be working on cars. I would try and build go carts and whatever I thought I could put together. I also remember my Dad having a DeLorean and being so embarrassed because of the gull-wing doors, lol.

RA: What is your favorite vacation spot?

TT: Maui, I have an obsession with anything Tiki/Hawaiian

RA: Where would you like to vacation that you have not been?

TT: Japan


What do you like to do during your free time?

TT: Cooking, camping, photography, and hanging out with my four pups!

RA: How much time do you spend working out?

TT: I usually take one or two classes a week, I can’t do the gym on my own, I need someone there to keep me from quitting my workout. When you’re in a class and doing the same workouts with other people, it makes you feel pretty lazy when you’re the only one taking a break.

RA: Do you have a have a favorite workout routine?

TT: I don’t have a favorite, but I definitely prefer weights over cardio that’s for sure.

RA: What is your favorite outdoor place to camp or visit?

TT: I grew up going to Lake Havasu, so I enjoy been out on a boat on the lake. I also love camping at Yosemite.

RA: You’re a dog lover? Tell us about your pets!

TT: I have four dogs at the moment…I did have five while I was fostering, but she has found her forever home! I have Marley who is a “Bugg” Boston Terrier/pug mix, Jax, a chihuahua mix, Otis, a chihuahua, and my girl Penny who is a Minpin/Chihuahua. I love my rescues!

RA: What’s your favorite holiday? 

TT: Christmas! The day after Halloween, I’m already moving on to Christmas. I just love everything about it. Being in Southern California when the weather sometimes reaches 80 degrees outside on Christmas day really kills it. I like to go somewhere it’s cold and have a fire burning. It feels more like the holidays that way.

RA: What do you love most about the holiday season? 

TT: Baking holiday treats and sweater weather for sure!

RA: What’s your favorite meal to make for the holidays?

TT: I’m usually in charge of the desserts for holiday parties. I always make pumpkin pie, chocolate ganache cake, chocolate-covered peanut butter balls and cinnamon rolls…..ok now I’m hungry just thinking about it!

RA: What is your favorite type of food to cook?

TT: I love to make Thai and Italian Food. Pad Thai and pesto pasta are my favorite! I love baking too. I have a big sweet tooth.

RA: What is your favorite restaurant?

TT: One of my best friends has a restaurant called Los Portales. They have amazing mexican food! I eat mexican food probably more than I should.

RA: What is your favorite drink?

TT: Espresso martini

You can see more of Tiffany Toth at www.OfficialTiffanyToth.comwww.instagram.com/tiffanytothxoxowww.facebook.com/tiffanytoth2www.twitter.com/tiffanytothxoxo.

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