BOTM - Amorina La FlorThe pin-up model, as we know it, is a tradition going back as long as the automobile does. Guys like beautiful women, plain and simple. The fact that pin-ups continue on in vintage fashion to this day is a true testament of the impact they really had on the world and our culture. Rod Authority’s most recent Certified Babe, Amorina La Flor is making a name for herself and having fun doing it.

As a real estate investor primarily, Amorina enjoys modeling on the side. She just kind of stepped into it. Her friend was an aspiring photographer looking to expand her pin-up portfolio add in that Ms. La Flor has a deep appreciation for a simpler time, it worked. Since then, she has been modeling as a hobby on a regular basis.IMG_0527

Each year, she goes to several annual events including Viva Las Vegas, Bo Huff Rockabilly Extravaganza, and her favorite, Bakersfield Rock N Rods. Her last competition was at Rock N Rods, which is based in her home town. She won 1st place in their pin-up contest.

Amorina definitely considers herself an automotive enthusiast. “I can appreciate a classic car, a powerful engine, and good upkeep.” She didn’t really have a chance to not be an enthusiast. Her grandfather owned an auto detailing and repair shop and her Dad is an automotive mechanic. Right now, she drives a clean 2014 Chevy Camaro, but dreams of zipping around in an Austin Healey 3000.

Rod Authority: What’s more important to you, riding fast or cruising low?

Amorina La Flor: “Cruising low, to enjoy the moment and just relax.”

 RA: Do you come from a family of automotive enthusiasts?

Ammonia: “Yes, my grandfather owned an auto body shop in central California. He always drove an ole’ Cadillac, which was a small town favorite because he always took such good care of it. My father is an auto mechanic so I learned at a young age how to change my oil, tires, and listen to my engine.”

RA: What was your first car?

Amorina: “A little Dodge Aries in high school. It lasted a long time.”

Our gorgeous model was recently paired up with Bo Swan’s impeccable 1953 Chevy 210 kustom. The two are a perfect pair. Swan’s ’53 is chopped, is shaved all around, and is laid out and built for cruising, which works for Amorina. Cruising low and enjoying the moment is much more important to her than riding fast.

Ms. La Flor’s olive skin, dark hair, and brown eyes gracefully contrasts the custom blended lime suede finish, pearl white roof, and pearl white interior. Amorina was impressed with the car, especially the paint and rumble from under the hood.

I can appreciate a classic car, a powerful engine, and good upkeep. –Amorina La Flor

RA: What is your favorite movie genre and why?

Amorina: “Historical, non-fiction. I enjoy movies with a message, depth, and a little education.”

RA: What is your definition of beauty?

Amorina: “Beauty comes in so many forms; we all have our own idea. However beauty starts with a kind heart and a humble soul.”

RA: What do you have to say to your fellow women that want to get into modeling, but aren’t sure how to take the first step?”

Amorina: “First, allow yourself to feel confident, to smile. The confidence in your poses will matter.”IMG_0640

RA: What are your pet peeves with guys, women and/or in general?

Amorina:  “Smoking, poor manners, and no ambition for anyone.”

A typical weekend for Ms. La Flor centers on family, some work, and hitting the gym. As a health nut, she likes to eat clean and organic. She picks an acai snack over any other when she can. Getting out into the fresh air is also one of her passions. She adores Yosemite for the simple beauty of the falls, the hiking trails, and the clean air.

Eventually, she wants to make her childhood dream of going to Ireland come true. The Emerald Isle entices her with the deep history, amazing landscapes, captivating music, and friendly celebrations.

RA: The Zombie apocalypse has just happened. Give us a step by step of what you would do.

Amorina: “I would immediately take refuge at my brother’s home. He is a former infantry Marine and is very prepared.”

RA: What do you think about the car that you shot with?

Amorina: “A beautiful, well maintained automobile. Lots of hard work was put into it.”

RA: What is your favorite detail about it?

Amorina: “The detailed paint job and the sound of the engine. Quite the looker!”

RA: What would you change to make it your own?

Amorina: “Nothing at all, Pure perfection.”


Amorina’s ideal date night is a simple conversation and a good cup of coffee. No need to be extravagant, just a good time. She believes in love and thinks it can be a beautiful thing if we allow it. When asked what the key to her heart is, she says, “A humble soul with old fashioned manners.”

She is certainly holding true to her pin-up ways. The War on Terrorism is a concern for her, she follows it closely and backs her country, the good ole’ United States.

Amorina La Flor is the ideal pin-up. Easy on the eyes, strong willed, and an individual who has a love for the old days. For more on the 1953 Chevy 210 kustom built by Bo Swan, check out the full car feature here.IMG_0662