Rod Authority Certified Babe: Stacey Urzua x LBC x Kustom ’54 Buick

BOTM - Stacey UrzuaWhat do you do with Summer quickly coming to a close? You catch some sand and sea before the coziness of fall and crisp winter sets in. Rod Authority did just that during our recent model shoot with Stacey Urzua.

The story of how we got in touch with the gorgeous Stacey and the equally stunning ’54 she posed alongside dates back to the 2014 Temecula Rod Run. We first caught site of Brent Rothweiler’s Oz Kustoms built ’54 during the event and it was then that we first lined out future plans of shooting his ride.IMG_7424

When it came time to honor the dialogue, we asked Brent if there was anyone he knew that would like to model alongside his ’54. His first and quick response was Stacey, who is not only a show-stopper and fine example of the beauty that Southern California boasts, this catch is also his girlfriend. You did good Brent!IMG_7550

The idea for the setting of the shoot came about when we covered this year’s Ink-N-Iron. Driving along Ocean Boulevard towards the Queen Mary, we caught a local’s turn-off towards the beach that, upon entering showcased a perfect layout to park Brent’s ride. The sand was shallow and a long row of palm trees lined the beach front apartments giving us some great perspective shots.IMG_7577

On the day of the shoot, we were greeted by Stacey and Brent. It was a real pleasure spending the afternoon with these two. Both are comedians in their own right and know how to have a good time. Needless to say, they made the shoot that much more fun and memorable.IMG_7458


Be sure to stay tuned for a full feature on Brent Rothweiler and his ’54 Buick coming up in the next few weeks. But now, please read on and enjoy the interview and exclusive gallery with Stacey Urzua who’s definitely mastered how to kill with a smile and a sultry stare!

Stacey grew up in Rancho Cucamonga and played soccer most of her childhood. In her adulthood fitness, nutrition, and anything involving athleticism peaks her interest–judging by some of the flex shots she was more than happy to break out, we believe her! Watch out fellas, Stacey looks amazing in heels, but we’re sure she could toss a full grown man over the pier if they got fresh!

Stacey told us, “I love to snowboard and wake board, and I’m fairly decent at both.” With any woman that strives to maintain her physical appearance, an equal dedication to mental fitness is more than a plus. Stacey not only has one, but two college degrees.IMG_7380

Stacey attended California State University Fullerton for her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Azusa Pacific University for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She is one well rounded woman whose hard work and down-to-earth attitude will certainly ensure her success in life. It’s definitely not just all about good looks with this model. “I am an RN and work on a cardiac unit. My work life consists of taking care of patients at a high acuity level and making a difference in their lives,” Stacey explained.IMG_7561


Rod Authority Certified Babe


  • Model: Stacey Urzua
  • Occupation: Registered Nurse
  • Hair color: Brown with blonde highlights
  • Eyes color: Brown
  • Skin color: Tan
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic
  • Tattoos: None
  • Shoe size: 7
  • Favorite food: Sushi!!!
  • Favorite movie of all time: The Lion King
  • Favorite travel location: Italy
  • Dream travel location: The Caribbean
Rod Authority: Do you consider yourself an automotive enthusiast?

Stacey Urzua: “Yes! I love sports cars and old classic cars. I enjoy going to car shows with my boyfriend Brent and car racing in his Corvette. I love fast cars!”

RA: What was your first car?

Stacey: “My first car was a 2002 Honda Civic. It was my 16th birthday present from my parents and the car lasted me 10 years! I lowered it, added exhaust, and rims. I wanted my first car to be ‘Fast and Furious style.’”

RA: What car do you currently own?

Stacey: “I currently own a Mercedes Benz C250.”

RA: What is your dream car?

Stacey: “My dream car would be a white Lamborghini.”

RA: What’s more important? Riding fast or cruising low?

Stacey: “They’re both really important. It just depends on the mood and destination!IMG_7473

I grew up listening to oldies while my dad was working in the garage

Stacey comes from a family that’s rooted in classic car culture so it’s easy to see why she gravitates towards the culture herself.

She explained, “My dad and a couple family members own classic cars; my dad owns a 1938 Chevy bomb. He loves going to car shows all the time, and I grew up listening to oldies while my dad was working in the garage.”IMG_7464

RA: What is your favorite thing about modeling?

Stacey: “My favorite thing about modeling would have to be getting all dolled up! I am a girl’s girl–I love makeup, fashion, and feeling sexy!”

RA: What are some of your past modeling gigs?

Stacey: “I’ve done modeling for local clothing companies and classic cars.”

RA: Do you have a favorite look, theme, or genre of modeling?

Stacey: “I don’t have a favorite look. I truly believe modeling is similar to acting, play the part and roll with it!”

RA: What do you have to say to your fellow women that want to get into modeling, but aren’t sure how to get their start?

Stacey: “The first step is being passionate about what you do! Follow your dreams and take on whatever modeling job is offered. Building your portfolio is key!”IMG_7516

RA: What is a typical weekend like for you?

Stacey: “A typical weekend is hanging out with my boyfriend and going to the gym, beach, car shows, and laying out by the pool. Oh, and we love to eat sushi!”

RA: What is your definition of beauty?

Stacey: “Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Beauty to me is a woman who is beautiful on the outside and just the same on the inside. A confident woman is beauty to me. Embrace how God made you!”IMG_7342

RA: What do you think about the car that you shot with today?

Stacey: “It’s amazing! Best paint job ever, plus it’s also my boyfriend’s car!

RA: What’s your favorite detail about the ’54?

Stacey: “My favorite details on it are the pearl white interior and the paint job.”

RA: Are there any individuals you’d like to thank?

Stacey: “Brent Rothweiler, he is my biggest fan when I model for the car shoots!”

We want to extend our thanks to Stacey for taking time out of her busy work schedule to shoot with us! In fact, shortly after the shoot she had a shift she had to be at. From high heels and halter tops to saving lives all in the same day?! That takes some real talent and energy. We hope to catch her and Brent at future shows.

If you’d like to see more of Stacey or inquire about booking her for a modeling gig, you can find her on Instagram at: ms_staycee. Be sure to check out Rod Authority’s exclusive gallery of the beautiful Stacey Urzua below!IMG_7700

Photo gallery


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