All Out Custom: ’59 Nash Rambler Wagon Made To Drive

We’re all familiar with that old song, “Beep Beep.” The song was released in 1958 by the Playmates, and details the story of a little Nash Rambler that overtakes a Cadillac in a road race. If you haven’t heard the song, click here and give it a listen. If you have heard it, you’ll already know what we’re talking about and you’ll understand that the Cadillac would never have stood a chance against this ’59 Nash Rambler wagon.

The engine cover is a custom aluminum panel that Pam had painted with the tattered racing flag.

This little green beauty belongs to Pam Wastman of Tacoma, Washington, and she bought it after inheriting a small amount of money from her dad. “I put the money in the bank, but I didn’t like the interest rate,” Pam explained. “So I pulled it out and bought a car!” It took a year and a half of looking, but she finally found this one.

She found this Nash on eBay and really liked it, the only problem for her was that it was setup to race with a 572 cubic-inch engine with a blower, and she just wanted it to drive. She bid on the car and was one of only three bidders, but they didn’t make the reserve. She contacted the owner of the car and negotiated with him so she would buy the car, he would get the motor, and both parties would walk away happy.

The green is known as Snakeskin Green Viper, and it works really well with the silver painted bumpers and blacked out wheels.

If this car seems familiar, that must be because you are a fan of ScottiDTV. Scottie did a short feature video on this car back in September of 2013, when it still had the 572 cubic-incher under the hood. Take a look at the video below and you can see Scottie doing a walk around of the car. You’ll notice that it’s changed quite a bit since back then.

Anyway, let’s get back to where the car sits today. When Pam bought it, after the negotiations, it came with no engine so she put in a fuel-injected small-block Chevy 5.3-liter Vortec engine, a turbo-400 automatic transmission, and 3.42:1 geared positraction rearend. The build sits on an Art Morrison chassis with coilovers all the way around and disc brakes at every corner. “This thing was built it race,” Pam said, “But I just wanted a cruiser.”

The aluminum cover that Pam had made to fit over this 5.3-liter Vortec engine works really well with this build.

“People always come up and start talking to me husband about the car,” Pam told us, “But he just tells them that it’s my car and to talk to me.”  Pam has always loved cars, and really got this as a kind of tribute to her dad. She bought it with the inheritance that came from him and he was an Oldsmobile-Studebaker dealer back when they lived in Minnesota, so that’s where Pam gets her love of cars. “I have always loved cars,” She said, “I was a little grease monkey.”

On top of everything else, this little Nash Rambler also has a 2-stage Flex-a-lite fan that keeps things cool. “This little guy easily stays around 160-degrees,” Pam said.

Pam knows the old song, and her display in front of the car shows a big red Nash emblem with the words “Beep Beep” going right across the center. “With this motor, that Cadillac would have never stood a chance,” she said. To add to the power of the motor, this Nash has been tubbed to allow for bigger tires and better road grip.

There are a lot of custom touches on this car that add to its cool factor. The custom rear view mirrors, tri-bar headlights, and wheel tub covers are just a few examples of some little details that make this car stand out.

The interior, of course, has also been completely overhauled and is upgraded to match the rest of the build. It features a Dolphin speedometer centered above the steering wheel and another Dolphin gauge above the center custom console that provides information on Fuel level, engine temperature, voltage, and oil pressure. It also has custom race seats and aluminum dash inserts.

The custom interior is a really cool feature for this car. The colors look great and the custom console is just stunning!

This is another, awesome, All Out Custom car. It’s a unique build for sure that shows the interesting transformation from full-time racecar to full-time cruiser. What do you think of Pam’s Nash Ramber? Would you do anything differently? As always, we’d love to see what you’re driving. Shoot us an email with a couple pictures and the details on your build. If it’s a more conventional muscle car, we’ll think about using it as a Street Feature.

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