Leading Ladies: Courtney Justice Lives Up To The Family Legacy

If you know racing, you know the Justice Brothers, or at least their popular product line. One of the biggest names in the racing industry and one of the longest-running sponsor of the Indianapolis 500, Justice Brothers has been providing the race community with exceptional additives and lubrication products for their competition vehicles for more than seven decades.

I chose to work at Justice Brothers, carrying on that legacy.                    -Courtney Justice

Back in the day, it was brothers Ed, Gus, and Zeke Justice that started and ran the company. But now the entire Justice family is involved in one way or another, including Courtney Justice, the granddaughter of Ed Justice, Sr.

Courtney currently acts as the company’s director of communications but has been a part of the Justice Brothers’ legendary presence in the automotive industry since she was just a young girl, going to races, shows, and events with her dad and grandfather, acting as the ultimate sidekick. These days, she does much more, and that’s why we’d like to introduce you to her as our latest Rod Authority Leading Lady!

Photo #6

Courtney Justice (standing behind) and Caitlin Justice Guthrie (sitting in the car) participated in special automotive events like the Gilmore Roars Again party. Photos courtesy of Courtney Justice.

Not only associated by name, but also by passion, Courtney’s roll in the automotive industry and Justice Brothers is much more than just a job she fell into because of her surname. Courtney loves cars and the automotive industry just as much as her grandfather did, so when it was time for her to choose a career, she aptly chose to join Justice Brothers in a professional sense.

“Being part of the Justice Brothers legacy is a blessing,” Courtney told us. “I had no control over the family I was born into, but I did have control over what I wanted to do in my life and where I wanted to work, and once I chose to work at Justice Brothers, carrying on that legacy is very important to me. I understand a legacy like this is a gift and something to respect.”

Photo #7

For Courtney, it’s a family affair with her father, Ed Justice Jr. now running Justice Brothers, and her grandfather, Ed Justice Sr. an integral partner in the start of the company. Here Courtney poses with her dad at Bonneville Speed Week 2003.

Though it wasn’t until her adult years that she settled down into a career at Justice Brothers, following in her grandfather’s and father’s footsteps came much earlier. In addition to attending shows and races with her family, she was included in some pretty stellar opportunities in the automotive community.

I understand a legacy like this is a gift and something to respect.

Attending the Gilmore Roars Again parties, an annual event sponsored by the Justices to celebrate the premiere midget racing track, the legendary Gilmore Stadium in Los Angeles. Attending this party every year amongst the likes of Parnelli Jones, Phil Hill, and Dan Gurney, Courtney told us that this was one of her first defining memories of being involved in the automotive industry.

While in school, Courtney continued her involvement in the family business, working at Justice Brothers during the summer. It was here, working with passionate automotive-minded individuals, that she “caught the fever,” as she calls it, which pushed her to choose a career working for Justice Brothers.

Photo #4

The Justice women, Courtney (left) and Caitlin (right), have always been a part of the automotive industry. Here, they pose with their dad, Ed Justice, Jr., at the SEMA Show.

So how does Courtney feel about being a female in a predominantly male industry? To her, it’s really no big deal. “My dad tells me that my sister and I are in the right generation as women to be in this business,” Courtney explained. “He says it’s not that women haven’t been in the industry before, because they have, but he clearly thinks there is more opportunity today. He’s known a lot of very successful women in the industry, like Joan Weiand and others, who he’s always pointed out to me and my sister. He’s told us there is no reason you can’t do anything you want to. For me I just want people to see me as a hard worker and for who I am. I don’t expect any special treatment and never have.”

As far as inspiring women in the industry go, Courtney added, “I look at the current Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of General Motors, Mary Barra, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. She has worked her way up through the company, and like me, her father was in the business.”

Photo #5

Courtney is immersed in the automotive industry in every way. Here, she poses with Dennis “Lil Daddy” Roth and pinstriper Bob Spina at the 2001 NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion.

Having never really encountered any gender-based discrimination in the automotive industry, Courtney told us she never really had any trepidations about working in the automotive world. Citing her father’s and grandfather’s outlook on the car scene, she remembers going forward with her career in the automotive industry seeing the good and rewarding opportunities the industry had to offer, and it has paid off.

Photo #1

Courtney Justice with Justice Brothers’ sponsored Team Wayne Taylor Racing at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. From left to right: Jordan Taylor (co-driver), Courtney Justice, Wayne Taylor (owner), and Ricky Taylor (co-driver).

Not only does Courtney work as the Director of Communications for Justice Brothers in an industry she loves, she’s also been able to be part of some amazing milestones for the company. This included celebrating 71 years of Justice Brothers’ involvement in the Indianapolis 500, sponsoring Townsend Bell this year with Andretti Autosport, and being part of a number of Hall of Fame inductions.

Looking ahead, Courtney would like to be a part of sponsoring an Indianapolis 500 winner, something that her grandfather did in 1950, as well as helping Justice Brothers continue to grow and expand in the marketplace. Of course, there’s also building and restoring cars, a pastime Courtney enjoys with her family, maintaining and constantly improving upon the family’s car collection. Currently, the Justices are working on restoring a midget that Ed Justice, Sr., and his brother Zeke built for two-time Indy 500 winner, Bill Vukovich.

Photo #3

As the Director of Communications for Justice Brothers, Courtney spends a lot of her time perfecting the company’s social media platforms. At the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, Courtney made sure to take some time to take pictures for posting to the Justice Brothers’ social media accounts.

Justice Brothers is all about family, including the company’s countless long-term employees that have become part of the family over the years. Regardless of their last name, these “family members” take great pride in their jobs and the products that Justice Brothers produces, a major factor in Courtney’s love for the industry and her family’s business.

“My dad has always told my sister and me that a good company is made up of good people,” Courtney told us, and that’s exactly what Justice Brothers is all about.

Photo #2

“It has not been difficult to stand on my own and I don’t mind being lumped in as a ‘Justice,'” Courtney told us. “I have been able to watch my dad and how he dealt with it, and it definitely was helpful to me. He has always wanted me and my sister to create our own identities and I feel I have been able to do that, again as a member of a great family.” Here, the Justices pose at the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500.

A true inspiration in the industry, Courtney Justice exudes passion and love for this industry and is working hard to continue not only the Justice Brothers’ legacy, but also propel the automotive industry forward, continuing to make it great for generations to come. Now that’s what we call a Leading Lady.

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