PRI 2016: BluePrint Engines Covers You From Bare Block To Long-Block

BluePrint Engines does exactly what their name entails, build engines to the strictest specifications to guarantee that every mill coming out of their facility produces reliable power for streetcars and even Drag Week contenders. The company has been building crate engines for close to 35 years, starting in the remanufacturing side of the industry before slowly moving their way over to the performance engine building side just about a decade ago.

BluePrint Engines can supply anything from a bare block all the way up to a complete crate engine, everyone is covered and you’ll never spend more than you have to on parts you might already have.

From the guy who just needs a new bottom end for a nice set of heads he already bought, to someone who needs a complete long-block without a carburetor for a new project. Their talents have also caught the attention of and built close relationships with names like Factory Five Racing, where BPE supplies many of the engines used in their kit cars.

Of course, every build that BluePrint Engines produces is already put on the dyno before being shipped out to check for defects, but BPE works with more than just big budget racers who push their engine to the ragged edge and expect frequent rebuilds.

So, for the enthusiast who is just looking for a nice Ford, Chevy or Dodge long-block to put in his street cruiser; they can rest easy knowing that the engine even comes with a generous parts and labor warranty that spans 30 months or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.

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Born and raised in Southern California, Kyle has been a gearhead ever since seeing his first Mitsubishi Evo VIII in 2003. He is almost entirely self taught mechanically, and as an inexperienced enthusiast always worked on his own vehicles, regardless of the difficulty, just to learn how to do it himself. Prior to becoming a freelance writer for the company, Kyle started his automotive performance career with Power Automedia as a shop technician, where he gleaned intimate knowledge of LS platforms and drag racing builds; then later joining the editorial team as the Staff Writer for EngineLabs And Turnology. Today, Kyle is an experienced EFI calibrator; hot rod builder; and motorsports technician living in the San Jose area. Kyle is a track junkie with lots of seat time. You can usually find him racing his Mitsubishi Evo X in local time attack and road race events.
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