PRI 2016: Burn Resistant Exhaust Gaskets From Federal Mogul


How would you like to install a header gasket that will not burn out?

When it comes to stopping leaks while your engine is running, the items that generate heat present a serious challenge. Case in point: we’ve all had a header gasket burn out and need replaced. It’s a fact of life for hot rodders, or is it?

While walking the aisles at this year’s PRI show, we came across the Federal-Mogul booth, noticed a new gasket material that really made us take a second look. The folks at the booth were happy to show us some new products made from this material that will hopefully end that scenario.


Each layer of the gasket is made of the same material. Depending on the application, some layers are embossed while others are not.

Ron Rotunno from Federal-Mogul told us, “This is a very high-temperature material that is proprietary to Federal-Mogul, and is good to around 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. It features multiple layers of embossed steel, so the gasket acts like a spring. Because of that, it maintains contact pressure, and allows the gasket to maintain a seal.”

This type of material is not actually a new idea from Federal-Mogul, as they have been manufacturing HTA (High Temperature Alloy) gaskets for the aftermarket and OE for years. But, this is their first foray into performance applications.


Each layer of the gasket is made of the same material, the difference is in the embossing – depending on the application, some layers are embossed while others are not.

The surfaces where the seal, well, seals, will need to be smooth and reasonably flat for these gaskets to be effective. But, the header and turbo-mounting gaskets they showed us are sure to help stop exhaust leaks for enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for a header or turbo-mount gaskets that fights burn out, check out Federal-Mogul.

Features And Benefits:

  • Effective exhaust gas sealing at service temperatures beyond conventional material capabilities
  • Mechanical properties of substrate materials maintained at service temperatures up to 1,800 degrees
  • Improved gasket resiliency
  • Ability to seal larger flange deflections
  • Portfolio of HTA material choices tailored to operating environment conditions
  • Installation features can be added (e.g., star holes, bolt holes)
  • Low creep relaxation for reduced flange bending and deflection
  • Improved bolt-load retention at elevated temperatures
  • High Temperature Alloy gaskets optimized for cost and performance
  • Delivers Optimized HTA grade for application requirements up to 1,800 degrees

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