PRI 2016: King Bearing’s pMaxKote Extends Bearing Life


An engine bearing is designed to survive outrageous abuse while the engine is running, so it must be made of a strong material. But, it must also be malleable enough to allow small particles to embed in the bearing material, so as not to hurt the protected metal surface. What this means, is that a bearing is actually a sacrificial piece of a bigger puzzle.

There is no arguing that engine bearings are integral part of any engine, and King Engine Bearings is a name that is synonymous with quality bearings. While we were perusing the aisles of goodies at the PRI show, we came across the King booth, and asked what the deal was with the black bearings we saw on display.


According to Ron Sledge, “We studied the market very well before we began putting together our pMaxkote program. We analyzed various other coated bearings on the market, and have come up with our own formula.”

Ron went on to tell us that this formula is what gives the bearings its “black” appearance, will be applied in house, and unlike many other coatings, pMaxKote does not add any dimensional thickness to the bearing. Since proper bearing clearance is crucial, that is a big deal. Ron finished by saying, “It protects bearings during metal-to-metal contact, and against cavitation. The coating is constructed of ceramic nano-composite particles.”


Benefits of pMaxKote

  • protects against bearing seizure
  • Excellent cavitation resistance
  • great wear resistance
  • Superior protection against oil starvation

If you’re looking for your next set of bearings, check out King Engine Bearings’ pMaxKote line of bearings today. You’ll be glad you did.

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