For nearly three decades now, the folks at Proform Parts have provided both early and late-model musclecar enthusiasts with OEM-like replacement and performance parts. Today, that methodology hasn’t changed, and Proform has expanded upon its original vision to provide enthusiasts with much more.

One of those extended solutions is Proform’s all-new professional piston ring friction pull measurement tool (PN 67657), which we had the pleasure of speaking to Booth Platt, Project Manager for Proform about.


“This tool measures piston ring friction while it’s in the cylinder,” Platt said. “As the piston travels up the cylinder, the tool gives you a reading of the single spot. We try to get the upper-hand on the competition by supplying a component that is user-friendly, easy to use and reads as accurate as possible.”

While Proform’s all-new piston ring friction measurement tool was the star of its booth at this year’s PRI show, Proform produces more than just tools to help you get the job done easier. They provide enthusiasts with tons of replacement and go-fast components for The Big Three and even break it down to model-specific segments on its website.

And for enthusiasts who are looking to build their own garage-built engine, Proform even supplies engine builders’ tools as well. Head over to Proform Parts’ website to check out all of its new for 2017 components available.

The Professional Piston Ring Friction Pull Measurement Tool is a universal component that is not specific to any application.