Revisiting the QuickJack booth reminds me of how much I dislike raising my car with a jack and jack stands. There’s nothing wrong with using my jack, but saving time and not having to crawl around on the ground would be well worth a quality investment. Enter QuickJack-a fairly simple device that will make working on your car at home a lot easier and safer.


Using the QuckJack is quite simple, and requires just minutes to setup and use. First, you take the QuickJack frames and slide them into an open area of your garage or floor. Next, take the quick connect fittings from the power unit and connect to each QuickJack frame and plug the power unit in (both 12v and 120 power units are available).


Lastly, position your car in between the two QuickJack frames and slide them under the sides of the car. After aligning the optional removable rubber blocks with the jack points of your car-you’re set. With the simple push of a button, QuickJack starts to raise your car. Even better, QuickJack features automatic safety latches built into their frames, so there is no need for jack stands-once the car (or truck) is raised up since it’s safe to work on or under it.


The QuickJack comes in three sizes, the BL-3500SLX/BL-5000SLX/BL-7000SLX. Each part denominates the weight capacity for the system so you’ll have 3,500 pounds to 7,000 pounds of lift at your disposal depending on model. Plus, QuickJack has adapters to help reach frame rails of larger/lifted vehicles so no matter what you’ve got, QuickJack can help get your car off the ground.


Finally, QuickJack now offers motorcycle adapters, so you can use your existing QuickJack system with your motorcycle. QuickJack features a slim profile, so storage will be easy. With wheels on the end of each frame and handles on the other, moving these into position or back for storage won’t require picking up heavy loads.