PRI 2017: A Tougher Fuel Pump From Kinsler Fuel Injection

Kinsler’s new Tough fuel pumps.

When it comes to fuel systems, Kinsler Fuel Injection goes all out for durability. According to marketing manager Brad Cauzillo, the company places a premium on the best durability rating across the board.

Kinsler’s Tough pump is manufactured with “a high alloy steel, one-piece gear shaft that is case hardened, precision ground, then proprietary coated,” Cauzillo said. “It is designed and manufactured so that there is no radial movement of the gear on the shaft, so it maintains the proper clearance between the gear teeth and housing.”

The high alloy steel, one-piece gear shaft is one of the reasons that Kinsler named the new pumps the “Tough” fuel pump.

According to Cauzillo, the more common two-piece gear shafts introduce more tolerance and can allow the gear teeth to actually scrape the gear cavity walls.

The Kinsler one-piece gear shaft, along with the rock solid housing, have evolved into “the strongest in the industry,” Cauzillo added. The standard pump is good to 400 PSI with higher pressures available.

The fuel pump’s flow design allows the inlet to come directly into the gears rather than making a 90-degree turn like many other pumps. Other internal design features make flow rates up to 14,000 rpm achievable without cavitation.

Kinsler’s display at the PRI Show.

Another subtle but very important difference in pump construction relies on the static brass sleeve installed on the driveshaft. This sleeve is sealed to the housing and reduces the chance of a seal leak and friction on the driveshaft because pressure is not forcing the seal lip to grip down on the shaft. This provides for a longer seal life and less drive torque.

For more information on Kinsler Fuel Injection’s Tough Pump or its other fine products, visit them online at

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