SEMA 2011: Coker Rewinds The Indy Racing Clock With Firestone

There’s a million parts that manufacturers “just need to make.” You know, that one little custom or forgotten-by-time piece that you just can’t seem to find or need to fit your one-off build. We’ve bent the ear of many a company’s representative saying, “Man, you know what you guys should make?” Turns out, we’re not the only ones.

We can only imagine the conversation that took place to convince Corky Coker of Coker Tire to produce this amazingly unusual Firestone-brand throw-back tire. Dubbed the “1965 Firestone Indy Tire, this race tire is a near-perfect recreation of the original donut used by Jimmy Clark to win the 1965 Indianapolis 500 behind the wheel of the first rear-engine car to win the 42nd out of 43 consecutive wins for Firestone.

More impressive than Clark’s win, was that he was the second of only three Indy racers to win the event on a single set of tires. Yup, 500 miles on one set of race rubbers. Pretty cool stuff.

The original gold-rimmed Firestones ushered in a new era of racing tires for the brand, and were responsible for creating different compounds for the rears and fronts – rather than the same at all four corners.

Like the originals, they are bias plys with a Sipe tread pattern. The Indy Series tires are totally unique and will probably be one of those “Yeah, we make those” products, but knowing Coker’s talents for making some seriously cool “time-machine” wheels and tires, we frankly can’t say that we’re surprised.

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