We all know old school is cool, especially when it comes to classic cars. Unfortunately, old school can also be well, just plain old. If you’ve ever driven an American classic, you know that the pizza pan size steering wheel is not only cumbersome, but can hinder ingress/egress as well.

American Retro has a fix. They make absolutely gorgeous repro wheels and you can get them in a smaller size to bring your old sled up to date.

Whether you get the factory original version or their cut down model, you also get the finishing touch for your interior as well as a beautiful art object to caress and steer your baby.

We recently reported on a killer 1962 Corvette build and this gives merely a single idea of what you can do with these steering wheels. Check out this killer ’55 Chevy wheel on a C1. The sky’s the limit when it comes to applications.

These guys also offer pedal cars, airplanes and metal coolers as well. Based out of Dinuba, CA, we’ve all seen these cut down classic Chevy steering wheels, and now you know where to find ’em. Check out their website for all the color options, sizes and pricing.