When it comes to aftermarket ignitions, The name Pertronix has been around for a long time. From their ready-to-run distributors to their ever-popular Ignitor line of coils, Pertronix knows how to make ignitions fire. That’s why when we learned they had developed a new digital CD ignition box, we thought you should all hear about it.


The new HP ignition comes in either a black or satin aluminum finish.

Don Lundfors, exhaust R&D manager told us, “We’ve been developing this new multi-spark box for a couple of years, and we know we’re a little late to the party, but we figured if we were going to bring one out, it better at least be as good if not better than what’s already on the market.”


When we first saw the new box, were impressed at how small it actually is. Don continued, “Packaging was a big concern, and our box is actually 70 percent smaller, but develops 30 percent more energy.” Even with its small stature, it contains two rev-limiters that will hold resolution to within 25 rpm, and the end user can even set the parameters for the multi-spark discharge. “Our box goes to a dual spark all the way to 9,000 rpm,” he said.”Another cool feature are the rpm-activated triggers, which are perfect for guys running nitrous or needing to program a shift light.” Connecting all these features to your car is simple via the supplied wire harness.


Not only is the box a great addition to your car, but they have also developed an E-core style coil to complement the ignition.

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to upgrade your ignition with a new Pertronix HP digital cylinder-fire starter? Check out www.pertronix.com today.