SEMA 2016: Plastex Is Wonder Material, Fixes Your Problems

SEMA has it’s fair share of well known, behemoth manufacturers rolling out their heaviest artillery for this big daddy event. But sometimes, it’s the little guys on the periphery where equally cool stuff can be discovered.

Take Plastex for example. They have this cool system to repair plastic, fiberglass and other parts that every car guy can use. It’s inevitable that parts will break during a tear down. Especially interior and exterior trim pieces on later model cars.

Sometimes those pieces are hard to find or replacements are simply not available. That’s where Plastex comes in handy. Break a mounting tab on your instrument panel fascia? No worries, you can fix it better than new. Missing a corner of a taillight housing? No big deal, you can use the included mold and fabricate a fix.

The Plastex video is from friggin’ 1996 but still gives a good idea of the things you can do with this stuff.


According to Mindy from Plastex, “Our repair kits have been the world’s leader in plastic repair since 1996. We are the originator of the technology in our repair kits, including our very unique reusable molding bar. Plastex was thoroughly tested for 4 years prior to its release in 1996 to assure we were offering the highest quality product and one that is user friendly to every customer. Plastex is always keeping up with leading edge technology to assure Plastex will continue to offer the best repair products available.”

Check out their website for pricing and ordering info.


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