SEMA 2017: Trick Flow™ Shows Off New SBC & LA Mopar Cylinder Heads

One of the great things about the performance aftermarket is its ability to devote research and development efforts to places where they are really required, and perhaps no company makes more of an effort to provide its customers with true performance upgrades like the fine folks at Trick Flow Specialties™.

Case in point: their all-new DHC™ 175 cylinder heads for the small-block Chevrolet engine. These have been in development for quite some time, and the company has finalized the production elements and stocked up the shelves with this new take on classic SBC performance.

For years, the “Camel Hump” cylinder head has been the go-to choice for those enthusiasts putting together a hot SBC, but iron construction and dated design meant the consumer had to make a choice: modern performance capability, or vintage appearance.

The DHC™ 175 castings put an end to that dilemma. Poured from A356-T61 aluminum, and designed with CNC-profiled 60cc combustion chambers, straight spark plug holes, and 175cc Fast As Cast intake runners, the DHC™ 175 heads give the consumer the appearance they desire and combine it with TFS’ cylinder head design and manufacturing expertise.

But that’s not all–they also rolled out a brand-spankin’-new PowerPort® 190 cylinder head for the small-block Mopar engine. These are a direct bolt-on for all non-emissions 1967-91 318/340/360 LA-series engines. The cast-aluminum heads have CNC-profiled chambers, 190cc CNC Street Ported standard-location intake runners, and 81cc CNC Street Ported exhaust runners.

The new LA-series 190 PowerPort® cylinder heads will give classic Mopar fans a new choice for making solid power. These will be available next year.

“There are some upgraded features like the reinforced rocker pad area and reinforced deck surface to make it stronger. These are designed to be a bolt-on head, with everything in the stock location, so you don’t need any sort of special products to use them,” says Trick Flow’s Mike Downs. “These should be available to the public in the third quarter of 2018.”

It’s clear that these dudes have a handle on what their customers are after–bolt-on performance that simply works.

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