10ThingsthumbWhile some of us get to enjoy the two seasons that Southern California has (Summer, and Not Summer), the rest of the country might have some issues with the inclement weather, specifically, those areas that get snow – and lots of it.

So we put together a list of the 10 Things I Hate About Winter from a musclecar owner’s perspective. Which can you relate to, and what did we miss? Tell us below in the comment section.

10 Things I Hate About Winter


1. My heater doesn’t work on my musclecar, so I have to wear a jacket and keep a towel handy to wipe off the windows when they fog up.


2. It’s a musclecar, I don’t have a choke on my carburetor and it won’t idle for the first several minutes.


3. I have to drive my musclecar every day and they don’t make cool looking, wide, 50-series snow tires.


4. No, I’m not “trying to do a burnout” in my musclecar, it’s called ice and the tires are spinning way too easily.


5. I don’t have power locks on my musclecar. Have you ever tried to stick a key in a frozen lock cylinder when you’re shaking from the cold?


6. Why didn’t the guy who invented heated rear windows think of this in the 1960s so I can see out of my back window?


7. One winter of salt equals at least five years of rust repair that doesn’t show up until summertime three years later.


8. It snowed, so I can’t drive my musclecar and have to drive the wife’s econocar to work with her “I [heart] my husband” bumper sticker I forgot to tape over.


9. Even with my heater on, my window seals suck and all the cold air still gets into the car and I’m freezing.


10. It’s winter… I have to store my car for the next 90 days and can’t drive it until all the snow melts!

Have a safe and fun winter, and be careful tonight. Enjoy the celebration, and we’ll see you on the flip side at Street Muscle Magazine. Have a Happy New Year!