1929 2-Door Phaeton: The Father-Son Build Of A Car That Never Was

We happened to stumble upon one of the great stories of the Goodguys Del Mar show when we passed Carl and Tim Case’s Model A Ford. Carl told us that they had just finished the build “last week” and this was its debut at the show.

When asked what was so special about it, Carl said that it was a car that Ford never built. “Ford didn’t make a 2-door body until late 1931, and that model was only in production for about 6 months before they discontinued it for lack of public interest,” he said.

According to Carl, the father-son combo worked countless hours designing and building this unique, one-of-a-kind body. “Our goal was to make it appear as if Ford had made it, and we had hot rodded it.” They accomplished the mission in our estimation.

While they used as many Ford parts as was practical to achieve the goal, the team also used some one-off components to put their own flair into the build. “Check out that piece that holds the steering column to the dash,” said Carl. “See how it says ‘Always Signal’ on it? There’s no turn signals,” he said with a chuckle.


“Take a look at the rearview mirror,” he added. “It says objects in the mirror will soon disappear. You also need to check out that valve cover. It says Ford but that is a Chevy engine.”

To get this look, the father-son team took out the read doors, hand fabricated new front doors that are four-inches wider. The quarter panels were made from other Model A bodies. They chopped the windshield and moved the top bows two-inches. The front seats are from a 1929 2-door sedan with all of this sitting on a Brookville 32 Ford frame built for Model A’s.

It wasn’t a car that was built by Ford – but it should have been.

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