There are those of us who are content to enjoy a classic car in its present state, and then there are others who would take the same car to entirely new level. The Jalopy Journal documented one father’s quest to fully restore a 1955 Studebaker Commander to auction quality.

When the car was purchased it was a respectable driver without any major issues, it just needed a little cosmetic work to make it really shine. The Jalopy Journal poster added that he would have just given the ’55 a nice wax job and headed out on the street. Father unlike son, decided that the car needed to brought back to a nearly flawless state. This process started in the summer of 2010 and continued into 2011.

With the repainting finished, the new chrome and buffed stainless steel in place it was time to take care of the interior. Again, this is a car that most people would gladly drive down the road, but it was not clean enough for this fellow. Once the interior was completed the ’55 Studebaker was taken to a few car shows during the show season.

Despite enjoying the fruits of his labor, it was time to tackle another and likely more expensive project. With dreams of a new project in mind the Studebaker was taken to Dana Mecum’s auction in Indianapolis in May. After being fortunate enough to secure a Saturday spot on the auction block, the ’55 ended up selling for $61,000 plus the commission fees.