Throwback Thursday: Hugging Corners And Slaying Cones In A ’63 Nova

NovaTypically, we try to reserve our Throwback Thursday column to bring you guys an older, technically based article that has some really useful information. This week, however, we decided to go back and just have some fun. That’s why we are taking a look back at an article showcasing a corner-carving little Nova that still captures our hearts – 63 Nova: Hugging Corners And Slaying Cones.

Evan Dalley of Total Cost Involved Engineering (TCI) owns this 1963 Chevy Nova SS. This car was acquired to be a companion car to the one that he and his father were already knee-deep rebuilding. Actually, it was bought as a rushed gift for Evan’s father after life took an unfortunate turn.


After spending some time building an engine and transmission for his initial Nova, Evan’s father became very sick. “Next thing you know, he was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer. His car was actually on our lift at TCI — we were in the middle of designing the four-link rear suspension on it.” His dad was given just a few months to live and still had tons of work left to do on his current project.

This car was found at the Pamona Swap Meet. “It was white, had one owner, and it was an SS! When I first saw it I immediately said, ‘you know, I don’t know how long dad’s got.’ We threw a paint job on it, I mean a quicky in-the-parking-lot paint job, a Wilwood disc brake kit, and installed an all-stock interior with help from the guys at Elegance Auto Interiors. We gave it to him for his birthday in less than six weeks.”

It had a 250ci, six-cylinder, 700R4 transmission, a 3.30-geared rearend, and factory air conditioning. Unfortunately, Evan’s dad finally lost his battle, and Evan put Little Sweetie in storage for a long hibernation. The Nova wasn’t even close to reaching its current cone-slaying warrior status at this point, and it was another eight years until Evan finally decided to dust her off and start driving around town again.

There is a lot more to the story, and you really need to check it out. Because of that, I thought it a great piece for this week’s Throwback Thursday flashback. So, check out ’63 Nova: Hugging Corners And Slaying Cones

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