A Flathead Ford-Powered Chevy Camaro? Looks Like It

When Henry Ford introduced the world to his game-changing Flathead V8 design, it did not take long for hot rodders all over to adapt this (at the time) powerful engine. The Flathead V8 is synonymous with the hot rod culture, although these days the engine is more popular with with a select group of old school rodders who eschew modern technology for that vintage look.

Even so, Flathead Ford engines can be found under the hood for a wide variety of vehicles, including, as it turns out, a 1968 Camaro SS. Yes, you read that right, and there is even a picture to prove it from.

Being a traditional hot rod engine, the Flathead Ford is as versatile as it is vintage. Once upon a time, these motors were popular for being able to produce power on the cheap. But once muscle cars became popular in the 1960’s, Flathead Ford engines fell out of favor as big-block engines came to dominate the drag strip. However, not everyone opted for big-block power.

A picture has surfaced on Yenko.com of one Clarence Everett, who took his one-year old ‘68 Camaro SS, yanked out the V8, and replaced it with a Flathead Ford. Everett apparently raced in a class that only allowed Flathead engines, as well as inline six-and-eight cylinder engines. It is an odd, odd combination, Flathead Ford and Camaro SS, but Everett reportedly saw a lot of success with this car.

It is all around a pretty damn cool project, though not one likely to be replicated. What other odd rods might you drop a vintage Flathead V8 into?

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