We envy our friends over at BangShift for forever being “Johnny-On-The-Spot” when it comes to eying some seriously cool cars just sitting on the road. While cruising around New England, the guys at BS spotted this cool ’62 Willy Jeep truck.

Produced from 1947 through 1965, the truck was a great seller for Willys-Overland during the plus-twenty-year run, selling nearly a quarter-million of these sturdy rigs to active fleets, farms, and construction outfits.

Going by BangShift’s account, this ’62 model is guessed to be equipped with the 230ci six-cylinder “Tornado” engine, first mass produced American overhead cam engine.

The Tornado made a respectable 140hp and 210 lbs. ft. of torque, while the cam only had six lobes, with each lobe operating both the intake and exhaust valves.

Moreover, the four-wheel-drive Willys truck was offered with one transmission, a Borg-Warner T-90 three speed. Data reports that the gearbox had a non-synchro’ed low and snychronized second and third gears with the tallest rear gear ratio being a 4.88 with an optional 6.17 for severe duty applications.

Employed as a fire truck, this particular Willys was likely put to duty fighting forest fires and general off-road assignments. The water tank is still mounted in the bed beside its single-cylinder Wisconsin engine. Of note was the Ramsey winch which looked as period-correct as the rest of the truck.