All Out Custom: What It Takes To Be One Of Ours


Recently, we started a new series that focuses on all out, custom built cars and trucks. These are cars and trucks that have been torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. In some cases they are scarcely recognizable and have parts and pieces from a half dozen or more different cars built into them.

Two perfect examples of what it means to be All Out Custom!

These vehicles are all completely unique and no two are ever alike, that’s part of why we love them so much. The intent and the engineering put into a completely custom ride is something that we admire, and we love seeing what people do when they aren’t conformed to stock restoration. These vehicles don’t just push the boundaries of what it means to be a custom build, they find the line, ignore it, and keep walking straight into territory unknown.

The series kicked off in early September with Jeff Williams‘ Cadillac powered Model-T roadster pickup. Since then we’ve shown off Bill Demaray‘s Oldsmobile Rocket powered Chevy Pickup, Larry Williams‘ Nailhead powered Ford Roadster pickup, and Dion Ligon‘s always driven and never finished Ford Roadster.

Top left to bottom right: Bill Demaray's Chevy Pickup, Larry Williams' Roadster Pickup, Jeff Williams' Cadillac powered Model-T, and Dion Ligon's roadster.

We’ve seen a couple of really cool cars, but it’s not enough, and let’s be honest, it’ll never be enough. We want to see more and we know that most of you folks reading this have badass cars or trucks hiding in your garage right now. Bill Demaray is a reader and a perfect example of what can happen if you send in a few pictures and some information about your ride. We’d love to see what you’ve got and consider it for our All Out Custom series.

It doesn’t have to be a million dollar build, we want a good spread of everything. So whether you bought it, built it, or dragged it out of a field, we want to see what you’re taking to car shows and cruise nights. Send us an email with some pictures and a brief description of your ride, we’d love to consider it.

This is just eye candy for those of us that love custom-built rods.

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Kyler Lacey

A 2015 Graduate from Whitworth University, Kyler has always loved cars. He grew up with his dad's '67 Camaro in the garage and started turning wrenches at a young age. At seventeen, he bought his first classic, a '57 Chevy Bel Air four-door, and has since added a '66 Plymouth Valiant and '97 Cadillac Deville to his collection. When he isn't writing for Power Automedia, he's out shooting pictures at car shows, hiking in the forests of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, or working on something in the garage.
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