Duane Mayer, the former star of Discovery Channel’s American Hot Rod was rushed to the hospital on New Year’s Day after drinking and driving. According to Daily Mail, Mayer was subsequently arrested and booked for hopping behind the wheel of his custom 1932 Ford Coupe while under the influence of alochol.

Duane was immediately hospitalized following the crash, which Anaheim authorities say he fell out of his car while it was in motion, traveling an estimated 25mph in Weir Canyon in Anaheim, California. American Hot Rod was a popular television series that aired from 2004 to 2007 on Discovery Channel.

A look at each side, you can see the damage done to the fenders as well as all the debris the custom dragged. Photos courtesy of Anaheim Police Department

A look at the photos, and you can see this wasn’t just scratches and bums. He suffered some severe cuts as well as bruises to Duane’s face, neck, and head. As we wrote about previously, it was more than likely that Duane wasn’t wearing his seat belt. A seat belt may be annoying and given little thought, but buckling can save you from a citation or bodily harm.


Mayer after the crash. Photo courtesy of TMZ

With Duane’s crash, he has become the face of enforcing against drunk driving with the Anaheim Police Department. It truly is a shame as Duane is a reality television star and built ZZ Top’s CadZZilla. His shop, American Hot Rods Inc., has been in business since 2009 in Anaheim, California, where it has grown into the hot destination for customs and hot rods in Southern California.

Drunk driving comes with some serious consequences, which should not be taken lightly. Getting caught without a seatbelt bars repercussions as well. Putting both together is a recipe for disaster, which took place here.

Mayer has yet to comment on the accident and what happened exactly. Not a great way to start the New Year but as we’ve always been advised by the law and friends, designate a driver when drinking and click it or ticket. What are your thoughts on the incident? Feel free to share a comment below.

From the bruises and black eyes, always remember to buckle up and don't drink and drive. Photos courtesy of TMZ