Showgrounds for Melbourne Motormania. Photo by Gregg Forster

Lots of announcements, news items and promotional information make their way towards us in one form or another. In that deluge, it has become apparent to me that people in Australia really love their hot rods! A great example of that was found at the Melbourne Motormania event that was held recently in Australia. The talented Greg Forster posted some great pics on the Autoholics website and supplied us with even more fabulous photos of the event from his blog here and here.

Thankfully, through the high quality of Greg’s photographs, we are able to get a feel for how serious the Australian automotive enthusiasts are regarding their cars. Color, detail, fit and finish can be closely examined in these photos yet errors in workmanship are extremely difficult to notice. And perhaps because of the scarcity of the more traditionally popular body styles, Australian shows seem to have a larger selection of varied models that have been restored.

Waterfront setting for Melbourne Motormania makes great contrast between land and sea! Photos by Gregg Forster

It was said that attendance for this year’s event was off somewhat compared to last year. Even if that is the case, the turnout and the venue deserve lots of credit for putting together a very visually pleasing car show.

After analyzing the news and events regarding automotive and hot rod related activities in Australia, one can see that in that part of the world our favorite pass time is well respected and accepted. Perhaps it might be worthwhile to make the trip in person and see if they’re having as much fun as they look!

Australian Muscle was on display as well! Photo by Gregg Forster