Bill Dunn’s 1964 Pontiac LeMans. When The Inside Matters!

When it comes to restomods, the best builders maintain the old school cool exterior. The crew at Bill Dunn built this ’64 Pontiac LeMans with that in mind.

We caught up with Bill Dunn’s Blue ’64 Pontiac LeMans at this year’s Goodguys’ show in Del Mar, California. The LeMans was unveiled at last year’s SEMA show but the flood of SEMA cars takes away from enjoying the real details of any one car. With so much to see and do at the SEMA show, things get missed and viewing a beautiful car like this is more practical and enjoyable at a car show like the Goodguys events.

The Bill Dunn One Stop Shop covers all aspects of custom car building, but the company has always made the interior a priority. Such was the case with this classic sleeper musclecar. Built to highlight and show off the talents of the Bill Dunn upholstery services, the LeMans has been making the car show circuit. “This build is a restomod, so we wanted the exterior to be old school cool, but when you opened the door, you got a modern feel,” said Hector Cisneros Jr.

The interior was the focus on this build.

As one would expect from a shop that features interiors, the attention to detail on the interior of this one is incredible. Equipped with a Haymaker II custom climate control system with bluetooth connectivity from Restomod Air. The bluetooth Atmosphere app allows the user to control the climate system with your cell phone. If you don’t want to use the phone app, the polished TRIQ controls are laid out on the dash for manual operation. “We really wanted anyone that was driving the car to feel like they were driving a 2017 model car,” Hector said. “But when they got out, the exterior reminded them that they were driving an early sixties car.

Dakota Digital gauges provided the eye-pleasing zest in this modern interior.

Obviously, with this level of interior detail, the instrument panel and gauges play a major role when the inside matters that much. “Most builders focus on the exterior and then try to bring that into the inside of the car,” explained Hector. “We did the opposite. We focused on the interior and let the exterior be old school cool.” Choosing the Dakota Digital gauges to highlight their modern look, with some custom modifications to the gauges to complete the feel.

When it came to making the inside look like a modern car and still keep the vintage exterior, Bill Dunn’s One Stop Shop hit the bullseye.

“We could do whatever we want when it comes to running wires and cables,” Hector said, adding; “But Dakota Digital’s one wire under the dash hook-up makes it easier. We always have crunch time in a SEMA car build. I don’t care how much you plan for it, the build is always a crunch to get it done in time. Dakota Digital’s wiring and connections make it simplified and still meets the high level of quality and craftsmanship that we want.”

Hector let us in on another detail. They are currently building another SEMA car that will be displayed in the Magnaflow booth again this year, and it will have Dakota Digital instruments in it as well. We can’t wait to see it.

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