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Champion Cooling Systems’ homepage.

As a source for industry news, we constantly find ourselves digging through various manufacturer’s webpages looking for the latest and greatest things in the industry. Websites can range from those that are well cared for to those that are overgrown with weeds and the last posting contains a notice of Henry Ford’s recent death. The companies that put the effort in keeping the homepages up to date are worthy of a pat on the back and we’ve decided to reward them with a short article from time-to-time that acknowledges some of the best that we stumble across in our searches through the information superhighway. That is our goal with this series.

This week we want to highlight Champion Cooling Systems‘ new addition to their homepage, their blog. Not many companies have the resources to dedicate to a full blog page, but Champion Cooling Systems has found the means and the desire to share information with their customers. The man that is championing this media revolution for the radiator company is a familiar face to us and many of our readers, Michael Harding. Until recently, Harding was the editor of our sister magazine Street Muscle Magazine, so he has an established background with technical material and articles.

The company’s latest addition to their homepage includes a tab that directs the user to their new blog area. These blogs cover various aspects of automotive system problems and solutions.

What Champion has done with their blog is pretty interesting considering that they are a company that deals with cooling. They view all aspects of the automobile and not just the cooling system. This tells us that the crew at Champion understands how interconnected all the systems within a vehicle are.

Blog posts that help solve problems for enthusiasts are the best posts and Champion is quickly building a solid library of  good blogs. For example, one of the posts listed on the blog page is titled Why Won’t My New Parts Fit My Old Car? This is a problem that every one of us has experienced at some point.

These blogs cover more that cooling systems. This photo is from the blog covering new part fitment.

Of course they do a deep dive on many of the cooling system topics that they deal with daily as well. From wiring to counterfeiting, the Champion crew has an amazing start to what we believe is going to be one of the better manufacturing company blogs in the interwebs.

For more information about Champion Cooling Systems, see some cool rides, or to read their blogs, visit them online at:

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