Buy a Deep Trans Pan and Get a Free T-Shirt From B&M Racing!

Who doesn’t love a free T-shirt, especially if you get one for buying something your car could really use anyway? For a limited time, the automatic transmission gurus over at B&M are offering you a chance you get your very own tricked-out B&M T-shirt for free if you order one of their Cast Aluminum Deep Transmission Pans and a case of their Trick Shift ATF.

B&M’s deep transmission pans increase your transmissions fluid capacity anywhere from 2 to 4 quarts depending on the application, and more fluid capacity means better cooling. Since heat is the number 1 killer of automatic transmissions, better cooling means that your transmission will live a longer and more maintenance-free life no matter how you use it. B&M makes Cast Aluminum Deep Pans for:

  • Ford C-4, C-6, AOD, AODE, and 4R70W
  • GM 4L60E, 4L60, 4L80E, TH350, TH400, and Powerglide
  • Chrysler 727 and 518 Transmission

While you’re swapping out the transmission pan, you might as well go ahead and refill your slush box with B&M’s Trick Shift ATF for some “Pour in Performance”, which will give you firmer shifts and insure that you get your free T-shirt. You’ll need to call up B&M sales department at 1-818-882-6422 to secure your correct shirt size, also be sure to check out B&M’s website for more info!

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