The Evans Model AA "Sheepherding" Truck. Image: Detroit news

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but this love story we found in the Detroit News is a good one no matter what time of year it is. Robin and Scott Evans have been married for 18 years, but their marriage began as kids living across the street from each other. Both of their dads had shops and restored cars, and as a result of that both Robin and Scott had cool Mustangs; Robin’s was a ’64 and Scott’s was a ’69.

The cars brought them together, one thing led to another, and today their car collection is quite a bit larger and includes five Mustangs – including a ’69 428 Cobra Jet drag racer with 30,000 miles on its odometer, two Edsels, a pair of Triumph motorcycles, a 1953 Willys military Jeep, and a 1931 Ford Model AA truck. The truck, which is pictured here, was featured at the fourth annual Motoring Thru Time car show recently the at Historic heritage Square in downtown Phoenix.

The Evans’ truck looks straight out of the Beverly Hillbillies, and when the Evans drove it from Southern California to Phoenix on Interstate 10 after purchasing it, that’s exactly what they felt like. At some point in it’s life it was outfitted for, of all things, sheepherding!

As a result it has all sorts of interesting tools attached to the sides, most of which had to be removed and put back on later to survive the Interstate 10 trip. A Conestoga wagon-style canvas top ala Little House on the Prarie, underneath of which there is a cot for nap-time and a place to eat meals. The original four-banger is still under the hood powering the Model AA’s dualie rear wheels!