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If there is one reoccurring theme within the automotive hobby, it’s that all car guys have the same problem, they acquire several cars, or a lot of stuff to build cars, and then they have to take a serious look at how to store all of their treasures. Thanks to his recent profession of buying and selling real estate, Chevrolet enthusiast, Rick Treworgy’s storage options have fortuitously grown at the same rate as his collection. And wow, what a collection it is!

As you walk through the door, one of the first things you see is this Pennant Blue '54 Corvette that greets you, along with the very vintage"Stovebolt Special".

The Rick Treworgy’s Muscle Car City is the culmination of his years of collecting cars and investing in real estate. Rick started collecting cars back in 1973, and like any enthusiast, his stash of cars began to grow. Having the means to incorporate their storage, he eventually wound up with four buildings full of fabulous cars. He didn’t originally have them open for public viewing, but would occasionally allow groups to come in to have club meetings or visitation. Then, about twenty years ago, an idea was birthed in his mind to homogenize his hobby and profession in such a way that would allow him to bring all of his cars under one roof.

The range of Corvettes span from the '54, all the way to the newest Z06 and ZR1.

Rick’s storage dilemma was resolved when he acquired an old Wal-Mart building and began renovating it to house his collection. But while he was at it, he also tapped into his other interests of having an on-site diner, speed shop, and the ability to buy and sell a few cars. The 99,000 square-foot building houses all these entities and gives visitors the option to ogle cars, peruse items from the gift shop, or purchase speed goodies for their rides.


There are plenty of Chevelles, both big-block and small-block, modified and numbers-matching.

It is immediately obvious that Rick’s focus is on General Motors automobiles, and to that end, you’ll find a nice mix of Chevrolets, Pontiacs, Cadillacs, and a sprinkling of Buicks to round out the viewing. He’s collected treasures from the past 100 years, but the main focus is on the musclecar era.

Not limited to factory original, Rick enjoys cars built to all standards.

Early car enthusiasts will be greeted by a 1914 Royal Mail Chevrolet as they walk in the collection. Those seeking heavy haulers will find plenty of pickups from the 1930s to the most modern in either two or four-wheel drive variants. You will also find several El Caminos from back in the day. And, if you’re into ’50s and ’60s GM cars, hold on to your hats.

Would you rather row your way through the '60s or '70s?

One of the things that makes the Treworgy collection so interesting is the variety. Sure, there are the requisite numbers-matching musclecars, but there are also modified cars throughout the entire spectrum. Everything from day-two musclecars to full-blown, Pro Street Chevys are on hand. There are even some rarities (think 1 of 1, 2 or 3), along with some classics that are all but required in any respectable collection. In those instances, Rick has sought out various examples to show the spectrum of options available at the time they were built.

Camaros abound in the Treworgy collection as well.

Interestingly, Rick isn’t done yet. Just when you think that a massive building should be sufficient, Treworgy has purchased an entire shopping mall that will allow him to designate more space for a fitting a restaurant, stock more goodies in the speed shop, and of course, allow him to continue to add to his collection.


How about a whole row of Tri-Fives?

The new facilities are just a few miles down the road and a couple of years in the making, so plan on visiting the Rick Treworgy’s Muscle Car City at their current address in Punta Gorda. Feel free to bring your cameras, as this is a free-range collection, but remember the first rule of viewing the collection- don’t touch the cars!

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The staff are friendly and will share tidbits of information about the cars if you ask. If you’re wondering what to do when the world outside has gone all white and fluffy, feel free to make a trip to Florida, and check out the beaches, the sun, and the Rick Treworgy’s Muscle Car City.

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