Collection of 150 Project Cars Heads to Auction

All too often a gearhead will undertake a project, only to find out that they lack the time, money, or technical merit to complete the task. Sometimes these projects are sold, and sometimes they are held on to indefinitely, the ghost of what might have been haunting so many ramshackle sheds and barns across America. So if one unfinished project car is sad, are 150 unfinished project cars a tragedy?

Depends on if these cars are saved or not. Hemmings Auto Blog came across an auction listing for about 150 cars in Bennington, Nebraska, which has been collected over the last 35 years. These cars range from a 1906 up into the 1980’s, and there are some very rare gems mixed in among them.

While these cars are largely of American vintage, there is a number of classic European imports and even a few Datsuns thrown into the mix. As project cars, there is no real way of telling what shape these cars are in without being there to look at them…though judging from the pictures, many of these vehicles have moved beyond “project” and into “donor car” category.

Among the highlights from this list of potential project vehicles is a ’14 REO Speedwagon (yes, it’s a real thing), a ’66 Dodge Charger, three ’35 Ford coupes, a ’60 Edsel Ranger, and a ’40 Lincoln Zephyr. Again, this is but the tip of the iceberg, and the whole lot is heading to auction next month. Who says there is nothing in Nebraska worth seeing?

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