Covercraft Protected Priceless Cars In “The Vault” During Renovation

Covercraft’s indoor car covers provided the ultimate protection for priceless museum cars like this 1939 Packard Limo housed in the Petersen Automotive Museum’s “Vault.”

The Petersen Automotive Museum was closed for renovation in October of 2014 and reopened in December of 2015. The demolition and reconstruction of the interior of the building were extensive and careful consideration was given to protecting the world class cars housed in the museum. Covercraft, the company that specializes in car covers for all vehicles, has a specific line of “Covers with a Cause,” and there could be no greater cause than protecting timeless classic vehicles. So Covercraft joined forces with the Petersen Automotive Museum to protect many of the highly valuable cars that were stored in Petersen’s “Vault” area during the renovation.

We were on hand for the reopening of the museum, and visited “the vault” to witness how well the cars were protected from any of the demolition debris and dust. Many of these vehicles have exteriors that are irreplaceable and priceless. Happily, the Covercraft car covers that were supplied to the museum did their job – and did it very well – in what could have been a dangerous environment for exterior paint.

Protecting these rare automobiles without trapping condensation or allowing dust underneath the covers was critical for the exteriors of these cars.

Most people would consider a car cover an item to protect a vehicle from the outside elements, such as the sun, wind, rain, dirt and debris, and industrial fallout. In this case, Covercraft does more than just protect a car that is outside in the elements, their covers that are designed to protect vehicles stored inside, such as the Petersen Automotive Museum, protected these valuable vehicles from a wide array of potential damage from construction debris.

Petersen’s vault is an underground storage of very rare and valuable cars that span more than 100 years in the history of the automobile. It includes cars like the famed 1967 Toyota 2000GT to a one-of-one 1925/34 “Round Door” Rolls-Royce Phantom I Aerodynamic Coupe. Covercraft provided more than 100 custom car covers to the Petersen Automotive Museum to help protect these cars.

Preserving the original condition of these rare and unique cars was the goal.

With vehicles like the one-of-three 24-karat gold plated DeLorean, a 1939 Bugatti given to the Shah of Iran as a wedding present, a rare Jaguar XKSS once owned by Steve McQueen, a 1967 Gord GT40 Mark III, and a Ferrari formerly owned by Henry Ford II – a gift from Enzo Ferrari himself – every precaution was taken to protect these precious collectibles.

It took Covercraft nearly a year to measure and produce covers for each car that needed a custom fit cover with the car identified in embroidery on the front. When the press was invited in to see the new design of the museum, everyone marveled at the cars and the layout. We knew that the end result was due in large part to the car covers that were used to keep the valuable cars in pristine condition for the 13-month renovation process.

Covercraft offers more than 80,000 custom-patterned car and truck covers, and can even cover your unique or valuable vehicle – even if it’s completely custom built. For more information on Covercraft or their line of products, visit them online at

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