Is there any form of motorsports ballsier than land speed record? While some might argue otherwise, we think land speed record racing is the pinnacle of automotive daring and achievement. You’re talking about going speeds where even the slightest mistake can result in a horrible accident where the chances of survival are close to zero.

You don’t have to tell that to Craig Breedlove, one of the premier rocket racers during the Battle of Bonneville in the 1960’s. During an award acceptance, Breedlove announced his plans to return to the Salt Flats by 2013 to break the 800 mph barrier reports Hemmings Auto Blog.

Craig Breedlove, besides having an awesome name, was also a fearless driver during the ‘60s Bonneville battles for top speed supremacy. His “Spirit of America” streamliner eventually gained dominance over the other competitors with a 594 mph run that lasted until 1970. The current land speed record stands at over 760 mph, set back in 1997.

Breedlove wants to beat that record…though with someone else behind the wheel. Breedlove has already survived his fair share of high-speed accidents, including skidding for five miles across Bonneville when his parachute failed to deploy. The vehicle only stopped after skidding through telephone poles and crashing into a brine pond at 200 mph.

With that kind of gusto, it wouldn’t surprise us in the least if Breedlove and his crew went on to beat that 800 mph land speed record come 2013.